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My little Virago =)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Katepants, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Thought it was about time I posted some pics of my little virago, even though I've had it for almost six months! Such a reliable and comfortable little bike and I can't wait to get her out for some longer rides in the nice spring weather. Feel free to comment!

  2. Tidy up your garage.
  3. Hi Kate,

    Glad you are getting into your Virago.

    I loved my little 250 too. It's was almost as besotting as having my first child, but was even better than having my first puppy.
  4. A baby and a puppy? Your vagina must be very confused.

    Oh, and nice Virago Kate. :grin:
  5. its a lot tidier than mine at the moment! :LOL:
  6. Wish mine was that tidy... the garage that is.

    Is that a new V-rag? (thanks Loz!! :LOL: ) It looks so shiny. :cool:
  7. Ha... Ha...
    And then not to mention having the 250 followed by the 865 less than a year later.
  8. gee my garage hasnt been that tidy since i moved in ...lol anyway glad to see you on two wheels finaly
  9. Your Virago looks like the twin to mine :grin: I just love mine, and had a nice ride in the rain today - so she will need a good wash after the ride I'm going on tomorrow.
    I got mine about 2 1/2 weeks ago and have ridden it nearly every day! I'm just loving it! Mine's a late 2005 model.
    PS what part of Oz are you?
  10. Thanks everyone!

    It wasn't brand new, 2006 model, only 2000kms on the clock when i got it, owned by two before me both who had good moto knowledge so it was well looked after.

    Fran, I'm in Vic, living in south eastern suburbs. Whereabouts are you?

    Big hello to tigger65 :]
  11. Hi, I'm Sarzsuspenders, but everyone calls me sarz. Is Katepants short for Katiepoo-pantaloons?

    Welcome my dear
  12. Nothing wrong with a bit of pants action in the username :grin:
  13. my oath!!
  14. How lucky to have found a bike with such low mileage! Mine has 15000km on it, but was owned locally by one owner and pretty well looked after.
    I'm just out of Sydney, will let you know if I ever head that far for a ride :LOL:
  15. Nice bike!

    My first bike was the virago and it was a lot of fun to ride.


  16. You would not enjoy looking at my garage..... four cars and two bikes means we have about 40 Litres of used oil and a mountain of oily/polishing rags.

    Nice bike btw, the weather has been great the past few weeks and can only get better!
  17. Nice and in the right colour. Now go buy a new camera :)
  18. yeah its a good little bike, even forgave me when i dropped it (gently thank goodness!) I see you are riding a ducati monster 695 now... was wondering if that could be the next step for me - in about 2 years obviously - been told its got a low seat height and is comfortable for shorter riders, and reliable.

    How do you find it?
  19. sorry that last post was for dimitra V5 :oops:
  20. love my new Ducati :) :)
    also loved the Virago - had a lot of fun and like you did the obligatory drop one smooth, one very hard! but the Virago kept going.

    To find a lower bike in a good riding position was hard and after a lot of looking I found the Ducati was the best.
    The guys at Metro Honda where I bought the bike from took out some of the preload so the bike could be a bit lower. My feet are on the ground and it's a comfortable riding position.

    Now its about getting used the extra power - lord knows the Virago was full throttle at 60ks an hour!! (it was a 1992model)

    Enjoy riding and stay safe :)