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NSW My Little Query on Mobile Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BrassoMan, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

    I found myself traveling ever-so-slightly above the speed limit on Sydney Road, to which there was a Mobile Speed Camera. I hit the anchors as soon as I realised it was there (diagonally to the left at about 45 degrees) and went past well under the speed limit. Seeing as I do not have front number plates I'm not sure if I was pinged or not but does anyone know if it would have taken a (second?) photo after I had passed it to catch my number plate after it realised I was speeding?
    I did not see any flashes...

  2. Where was it,mostly your lucky to do anywhere near the limit on this nightmare bit of road,was down there today and missed it.maybe?
  3. not pinged - 98% sure.

    same has happened to me twice, one due to truck merging into my lane RIGHT beside me, had to speed up to get out of trouble and it was literally on/just before the camera by 1 metre or less, and the other time i was in the rain on a road i thought was 70 k's an hour, no traffic around me, turns out it was a 60 zone, saw the sign metres before the camera, slowed down as much as i could safely in the rain - never got anything from it :)
  4. I had never seen a camera there before but it was extremely odd, before I came up to it I was kinda chuckling to myself thinking "haha it'd be funny if there was a camera on this corner" because I had heard on NR that a mobile speed camera often sets up there. I was quite shocked when I actually saw a camera... It was in Balgowlah about 8.40pm Friday night. Was gone by midnight.
  5. I hope so. The only way I think it could have got me, was if it caught me speeding as I was coming towards it and then taken another photo as I was going past it to get my (rear) licence plate.
    You got pretty lucky there haha.

    Another thing, are mobile speed cameras supposed to set up a sign somewhere down the road and let you know you 'had your speed checked' or was that somewhere else?
  6. if it's a MOBILE speed camera - ie, a car - yeah, i believe they initially had the signs. not sure if they changed that.
  7. they do have that sign. IDK if they are using visible light cameras or IR cameras. Either way, did you see a flash? How much over were you, i'm fairly certain they have been instructed to give a good tolerance.
  8. I didn't see any flashes or any lights inside the car for that matter. I was doing about 70 until I saw it, when I hit the anchors and dropped down to 40 (60 zone).

    It was a mobile speed camera but there was no sign anywhere afterwards to say my 'speed was checked'.
  9. Yes I remember someone saying they had seen one there before,how do you change the riding habit of 30 years plus of keeping 5 to 10ks faster than the traffic and not be done by these crap shoots,I would love to have a chat with that Somme's Job imbecile from the RTA who came up with this ever k over will kill you crap,wish we could encourage him to really speed about
  10. Agreed. Atleast the stationary cameras are well signed. I would hate to live in QLD/VIC because of that reason.
  11. Was it diagonally in front or behind you? was it facing towards you or the same direction as you?
  12. Prety sure the cameras are infra red and they get photos of front and back of the vehicles
  13. It was diagonally in front of me to the left facing the same direction as me but as Trent stated I think they have cameras facing every direction so they can book the shit outta you...
  14. I did some googling on this and came across this site: http://www.policespeedcameras.info
    Couldn't find the answer to front/rear/both imaging, but this pic is a beauty!
  15. just up from the new shopping area in sydney road balgowlah, probably near 417 sydney road, i would say you were fine due to lack of front number plates.....keep us posted
  16. I think so too. I'll let you know what happens in two weeks time...
  17. Hahaha I wonder if I get that lucky...
  18. Bumping to inform you that nothing happened...
  19. lol youll probably get it in the mail tomorrow now
  20. Awesome.