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N/A | National My little 250 at Sydney Dragway

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Blaz, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. I know I know....it's a 250, but we all gotta have fun somehow and safely haha!

    Took my little ninjette to Eastern Creek drags a couple of weeks ago, just for the experience and to see what the bike is capable of. Can't really speak of it's track capability obviously, it's a straight line haha.

    After a few runs, I started to get a feel for the bikes gearing alot better.
    Cut my 1/4 mile times every run :), except for the last :( :

    1st - 16.4
    2nd - 16.2
    3rd - 16.04
    4th - 15.7
    5th - 15.8

    I was actually surprised by what times it ran, didn't really expect anything under 17 seconds to be honest. And yes, it was heaps of fun too! :) run 4.JPG
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  2. Ya gotta like a bloke who gets out there just for shits and giggles.. allow me to give you ya first nod...
  3. onya mate
  4. Good work, 15 seconds is not that slow. Is that your front wheel off the ground? I can't quite see for the photography tag.
  5. not bad times....track days would be even more fun on the 250
  6. Mate at least your out there having a go and having fun...
  7. I was out there a couple of weeks back speaking to a guy on a bike like yours. Was that you? I was on the silver gixxer thou.
  8. haha, im not too sure about the wheel off the ground in that photo. But I did get a tiny lift on one of my runs
  9. I do remember speaking to someone riding a silver Gixxer , cannot remember the name though. My name is Harry, not sure if it will ring a bell or not but I was also having a chat to a bloke on a little 2t red aprilia rs 125 running 14s.
  10. Great stuff. :D And yeah, at least you're having a go! I used to take my naturally aspirated MR2 to Palmyra Dragway up in Mackay (16.36 @ 83mph, with a 2.2 second 60') and would get properly trounced by all the HSVs and FPVs and Skylines and WRXes. Still great fun, though. :D

    And sometimes you inexplicably beat a much faster, much more powerful vehicle thanks to superior technique, which is a great feeling.
  11. Y
    Yep, that's right , Harry was your name. Let me know if you go out again. I'm a little bit hooked on it.
  12. These days launch control normally takes priority over actually knowing how to drive.