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My Life flashed before my Eyes!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by suzyq, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Well my life flashed before my eyes yesterday!! Went for a ride with the Ducati Owners Club up to Portland near Lithgow for lunch. Nope I don't have a Ducati :( ! Well, because of the weather there was only 4 of us, so a nice small group. Gees those Ducs sound good huh? Neway, met up at Rouse Hill. Didn't end up leaving there til about 9 even tho I was there at 8.. Someone was running late.. so we left and headed up through Wilberforce along Blaxland Ridge Road to BLOR. Had a nice run up there.. the weather wasn't too bad, just enough to make your visor wet! :? The only drama being some impatient d&*^head in a Commodore ..

    Came across the Darling causeway at Mt Vic and stopped at the service station for coffee to warm up.. but as I was waiting to park my bike I put my foot down on the grate and it went from under me.. :((! Of course I couldn't get a grip with my foot to stop my baby from falling over.. BUGGER! so down she went on the left side.. bent clutch lever and gear changer.. bent the gear changer back ok, but the clutch lever is bent, didn't want to risk breaking it off! Neway it is still usable, just curved around more! Oh well..

    Headed off down Vic Pass and turned off at Hartley on Jenolan Caves Road. Had a great run through there, great roads.. headed past Tarana down to Rydal where my life flashed before my eyes!! Just as we were coming into Rydal all of a sudden a kangaroo was next to me and I was looking it in the eye!! :shock: there was no doubt if he kept coming I was a goner! :shock: SH1T! and that wasn't all I said!! Well, that got the heart racing!! Apparently, the story from the 2 guys behind me is that the roo veered off at the last second and actually fell over! :LOL: They thought I was a goner too! Neway it scrambled up and took off back the way it came but there was a smaller roo that came onto the road and fell over too :shock: and as it was trying to get up kicked one of the guys behind me, fortunately when he had seen the first roo he slowed right down and was only going about 5ks..

    We continued on through Rydal and got back to the highway where we stopped at Mt Lambie for fuel and exchanged kangaroo stories! Headed then out to Portland which was pleasingly unremarkable! Had lunch, yum!, at the cafe in Portland and then headed back to Lithgow via Wallerawang and the Highway. Turned off at Lithgow to head up BLOR. Just as we got to the start of BLOR down came the rain! :cry: It teemed all the way up the hill, had a bit of a moment coming up around the first bend.. :shock: .. I left the others at Darling Causeway and headed down the highway home. It teemed down all the way home :cry: ! So I was pretty soaked by the time i got home.. YUK! I jumped straight in the bath to warm up! LOL.. Gees I've decided I hate riding in the rain.

    And because I am such an EXCELLENT mother I had to ride to work this morning in the rain and fog again! grrrrr!
  2. A year's worth of riding packed into one day, eh suzy? Good to see it ended with a nice warm bath :LOL:
  3. well that makes interesting reading.

    dont think many people can say they have been riding with a kangaroo. good story for the grandkids i would say.
  4. A dropped bike, near miss from a roo and pouring rain to finish off.

    One crazy day and glad to hear you survived Suzy