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VIC My letter from vic roads

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by 10000_fists, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Hi i just recieved a letter from vic roads stating that they have reason to believe my bike is not in a roadworthy condition and that i have to take it in for inspection. Along with the letter were to photographs taken from the moving vic roads vehicle and clearly taken by the driver of the vehicle. Surely that he is breaking the law in order to gain evidence of my bike being on the raod.

    Would that hold any weight in an appeal against this inspection. I have no issues that they want me to bring it in, although i do know my fender eliminator will not pass there inspections, it's the fact that they clearly break the laws just so they can pick on me for a petty case.

  2. Good luck trying, it wont help. Just get it done and move on imo :)
  3. What law have they broken? No law says you can't use a camera in a car. Good luck.
  4. That was my thoughts to but everyone around me is gettin in my ear bout it and how its unfair they break the rules.
  5. Im pretty sure there is laws about hand held digital devices. Im sure if it was you or i doing it we'd be pulled up and fined no probs.
  6. I think you should familiarise yourself with the laws before you decide to try and take them on.

    The law clearly states it is against the law to use a hand held mobile phone. If you can provide evidence of the law against other digital devices, please show us and I'll retract.
  7. Are any of the people getting in your ear lawyers? If not, ignore them would be my advice.
  8. i dont think you'll get out of it... but you could try today tonight if you're bored.... at least you might land them in some trouble too.
  9. I found this interesting.

    Does that mean it's legal to look at your phone while riding?
  10. If it's being used as a GPS, yes.
    If it's being used to check facebook, no.
  11. what? it's legal to make phone calls with your mobile phone while driving? i thought that's what they cracked down on people for doing??
  12. Section D is what gets you.

    Any marked VicRoads vehicle is considered an enforcement vehicle.
  13. I could just imagine some people on their bikes taking selfies whilst on the freeway like "OMG RIDING SO FAST #YOLO" dead.

    Also your sig gets me every time.
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  14. We're you issued a defect notice? Have they threatened to suspend or cancel your rego? If not, ignore it until a follow up letter.
    When you get the next letter, don't open it and write return to sender on it. Authorities can never ever prove you received any letters unless you have signed for them.
  15. You missed a very, very vital part. Hence why hands free/bluetooth sytems are legal, but placing on your lap and using loudspeaker or holding to your ear etc is illegal...

  16. So much fail in this thread by some people. It's simple, you received a letter with photos from a vic roads vehicle. They are empowered to do so.
    Get your bike checked and stop whinging or taking stupid advice.
    What is the reason for your bike not being road worthy anyway? you haven't mentioned that bit.
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  17. Or more importantly, why is it so blatantly obvious that it's unroadworthy that a Vicroads car would go out of their way to take photos of it?
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  18. I think the OP stated the reason for the notice.

  19. Don't bet on it.You can have you're license cancelled without ever knowing about it.
  20. #20 Justus, Sep 17, 2012
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    You're not wrong Smee. Fail is everywhere!

    Whether photo's were provided is of no consequence whatsoever. Why? Because proof is not required in order for the notice to be issued.

    Treat it like an EPA noise notice which directs you to get your vehicle tested. Is proof required you had loud pipes? No.

    Your argument is akin to saying you will appeal a speeding offence because the police officer was also speeding to pull you over. It's nonsense. Furthermore, there is no avenue for appeal because no offence (yet) has been committed. If there was an avenue of appeal, this information would clearly have been provided in the same notice you've received.

    This post ranks up there with some of the most stupid pieces of advice I've read in this forum! Are you serious?? Sadly, there are people who are stupid enough to give credence to this rubbish ](*,)

    Which statute requires any authority to prove you received a letter? Furthermore what notice requires you to have "signed for them"??

    Disregard this advice folks. Ignoring or returning correspondence will not result in the matter going away.

    Listen to it and you will end up in more trouble when you are detected driving an unregistered vehicle and/or driving on a suspended license.


    There are many instances of drivers aka Cazzo who've appeared in Court saying they didn't know because they did not receive any notices.

    Does that mean the offence was not proven? Hell no!


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