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My lessons Learnt- Buffer and protective gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by krabi, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. So, I get up early so I can get to work early. The plan was going just fine! I don't even filter as I'm thinking I've left earlier enough to enjoy a safe easy ride to work. I have this Honda Prelude in front of me who clearly has no clue about life, but hey nothing is going to phase me today!

    I get to an intersection where there are three lanes so I get into the left lane to get past the traffic. The Honda Prelude pulls in front of me, but I still think "ah well you can't phase me today, I'm feeling good".
    The lights turn green, a semi trailer had turned into the middle lane from the the other direction. It is common practice at this intersection for cars etc to race up the left lane to get past trucks.
    So, Honda Prelude takes off, I follow with about 10 meters buffer, she hits the brakes for whatever reason, I slow down, she accelerates, I accelerate, then she hits the brakes harder, I hit my brakes hard at 60km/h and next thing I know my face is sliding on the road and I can hear perspex smashing and the grinding of metal. At this moment I'm thinking "WTF" and once I felt the momentum stop I scurry to my feet as it is on a bend and a highway to boot (for those in the know, it was on the New England Highway in front of the OAK milk factory, you know the bend?).
    Cars, trucks etc are racing past me and no one stops. I see a break in the traffic and try and pick my bike up, my head is pounding and I'm shaking. A tractor that I overtook 2 minutes earlier pauses behind me, clearly waiting for me to pick up my bike and move it so he can continue his journey. I was struggling so I waved to him to help, reluctantly he does. Once on the grass, he says "you ok" I said yes and he then takes off quicker than a person with the runs.
    I get my mobile phone out, and try and ring my work, but shit i have no credit.
    I wheel my bike along the grass into the Hungry Jacks car park at Hexham, tell them I've had a bike accident (my trousers are torn and I'm bleeding) and say I need to use a phone. they point me to the payphone offer no assitence in first aid etc. Call my boss (he rides a bike), call my wife, call my insurance company to get bike towed.
    Wife arrives, wait for tow truck, then wife took me to hospital where I spent 6 hrs in a neck brace even though i walked in.
    The Staff at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle were first class, they were concerned that i came off at 60+km hr and saw my helmet was a bit beaten up, so that's why they went overkill.
    So, what did I learn from my first fall.
    1) Buffer, buffer, buffer. Even though Honda Prelude was Driving Miss Daisy, ultimately I was responsible for being so close.
    2) Protective gear. My Jacket, gloves, boots, and Full face helmet (i hate to think if I wore a half face) did what I paid good money for them to do, protect me. Unfortunately, I did not wear the right pants and am suffering for that:
    3) Always have credit and emergency details on phone. I wasted a lot of time trying to get numbers.
    4) Don't count on the general public as these bastards left me on the side of the road, no one stopped!
    5) Boycott Hexham Hungry Jacks for a "F" effort in helping someone out. I'll write letter to the store owner and Hungry Jacks franchise outling their shite effort.

    Ah well, I live to tell the tale and I've accepted that ultimately it was my fault.
    But that sound when you crash, it is so awful, nothing slow motion about it, it was so quick. Looks like my levers on the right side all need replacing, handlebars were twisted a bit, and my after market windshield was cactus.
    Just nursing a bruised ego, headache, sore knee and hip.
  2. Dude! Hard luck mate. It's a relief to see that you came off at that sort of speed and don't have *much* to show for your efforts!

    +1 to strangers not giving a sh1t. It's poor form, but all too common.

    I'm still waiting for my first stack whilst moving. In the meantime I'm reading as many posts like yours as I can to *hopefully* learn my lessons the easy way...

    Fingers crossed.

    I hope you and your bike fix up nice.

  3. That's lousy no one stopped to help you. Hungry Jacks should have had a person that's completed a first aid certificate on staff that could have helped you.
    Hope you and the bike heal up soon :grin:
  4. That's bad luck, but at least you managed to walk away from it... it must be one of those days today as this morning on my way to work a car had hit a push bike rider and knocked him off, I stopped to help didnt look like he was wearing a helmet as he had a huge egg on his forehead.

    Hope it doesnt cost you too much to fix the bike
  5. if she's accelrating and braking like a nutter, why did you do the same behind her?

    you dont need to maintain a constant distance to be safe.
    next time u see someone driving erratically like this, just keep you distance, and pass when the opportunity arises.

    have you heard of the concertina affect? regarding traffic.
    it's when one person taps the brakes, not even slowing. behind them they react and brake a lil bit. behind them they react and brake too. by now the front person has accelerated. then the car behind them accelerates, trying to regain the distance from braking. etc etc.

    with distracted/tired drivers or bad conditions, this can cause accidents quite easily. avoid it.
  6. Yes it's your fault, however it sounds like this is what the slut was trying to achieve. Yes you learnt a lesson: Stay away from dizzy fcuks like this.
    People are ****s. Heal quick.
  7. As with everyone....

    Great news to hear your not too beaten up by it...

    +1 for recognising you need to be organised to look after yourself...

    Though it certainly makes me wonder.... what would happened if you were in shock / hurt seriously and unable to look after yourself?

    Sorry to hear you received no help... That is something that is truly awful.

    Hopefully you and the bike will be back together, enjoying each other's company really soon.
  8. I know, I know :oops: I normally avoid this type of driver and situation as I'm aware of the Constantina effect , but today, I was taking it easy and paid the price for taking it too easy! I have to eat humble pie as I usually get on my righteous high horse when my wife does not avoid this.
  9. that's just rooted that no-one helped
  10. Glad to see you're alright mate... Man that is disgusting that no one stop to help you... What is this world coming too??
  11. all good. at least you came off pretty good, everything considered, you've just lost a little skin and not mcuh else hopefully :)
    try maccas next time, i find their service alot better usually :p
    on a more serious note, i suggest you invest in some leather pants, or at the very least some knee armour to go under the kevlar jeans im hoping you already own.

    heal fast :)
  12. sorry if i missed something in your original post, did you contact with the car in front or just lost balance under braking?

    if you going to stick to normal clothing or kevlar jeans, try kneepads such as axxo ones which strap to you leg and have a solid plastic section to them as well. they have a thin profile as well, and fit under jeans. those foam ones which generally cover you knee, but arent firmly attached are a bit dodgy.

    or better still, a good set of leathers with chunky shin protection. the ones i have are way more comfortable then either my dririders or kevlar jeans
  13. Anyone on two wheels and riding in traffic who doesn't wear a helmet is an idiot! :evil:

    Good on you Dane75 for stopping to assist where possible
  14. Good to hear you're ok. Thanks for being so frank and honest so the rest of us that need to learn can learn from you. I am sure you have been playing it over in your head a hundred times since and have come out with different scenarios so don't need further from me.

    I hope you're back on your bike soon. :)
  15. Embarrassingly, I have to say I lost balance when braking, it was on a bend though! No excuse, I did not buffer.

    I commute everyday and I wear nice slacks at work (not that their nice now)

    So, I want to get something that either fits over the top of my slacks or I just wear good bike pants and get changed at work (have creased pants for the day..suppose a small price to pay considering the alternative)
    Thanks for the tips folks, my wife is insisting I buy bike pants, she can't stand looking at my knee!
  16. re people not helping, yep.

    When I hit a deer on the Nasho I was sprawled out in the middle of the road unable to move, my bike and I were blocking each lane respectively.

    Two cars drove around me on the grass to get around, I couldn't get up.

    Then (bike riders, one of them on a bicycle) people stopped and helped me and couldn't have been more awesome.

    Some people are fscked.
  17. :shock:
    Makes my situation seem tame! That is truly F%$ked
  18. Someone will top it :)
  19. i know the bit of road well as i used to ride/drive it daily. People go loopy on that section. i'm always concerned there especially with trucks running the lights, it happens a helluva lot.