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My latest "First"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sonja, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Wanted to share this with you, it's a fair accomplishment to me.

    I'm in counselling for a wide range of issues, and I was given homework of a kind. I had to figure out how I get to be so happy on the bike. I still couldn't tell you for sure.

    Anyway, any excuse to go for a ride is a good one, if you need one at all, and so I took off today for a spin. Not just anywhere, though. I took off for Angle Crossing.

    (pics here. Warning, it's a PDF, and map here)

    Angle Crossing is a dirt road, the whole way. Until this morning, I'd never ridden on a dirt road for any great length, mostly car parks.

    I had a great time, even if I did nearly come unstuck in some wet dirt (not sure it was really mud, it was too dry for that). The bike liked to slide in some places, and I almost lost my little companion (I shoved a Bandage Bear down the front of the fairing) on some rough ground at one point.

    Oh, I guess I should mention that the front tyre needs replacing on the bike, shouldn't I? :p
  2. It's funny how any new thing (aside from el crappo crashing etc) on your bike feels pretty cool and leaves you with a warm feeling isn't it?

    I remember the first time I went down a long dirt road on the VTR...

    Sabbath and I went up to my dads place (off a track off a track off a track), I stopped us just after we left sealed road, visor up, turn to sab and say "now these are road bikes, this is loose gravel, so we better take it easy".

    Sab nods.

    Visors down.

    In perfect unison two little vtrs rev out, dump clutch, kick sideways and fang off down the road spraying gravel everywhere.

    I was laughing so hard I thought I might stack, tears nearly crept out the corners of my eyes (but boys don't cry).

    It was a good day.

    I like bikes :)
  3. I miss being able to take the little ZZR tractor on the dirt, ZX6 tends to destroy its radiator with stones (yeah I know you can get radiator guards, but its still like taking a ferari 4wd'ing)

    Would love one of those ofroad bikes (but still want sportsbike too, come on lotto)

    I take it you hit a pothole/rock too hard?
  4. :rofl:

    That's great. The fastest I got was 60. Mostly, it was 50 or less, but it was still awesome. The crossing had something like 20cm of water over it, and the windshield on the bike got a bit of a wash when I went through. I had my toes on the pegs so my feet didn't get soaked. My boots were finally dry after almost 2 hours riding in pouring rain on Friday changing the tapes in clients' backup servers. :LOL:

    I loved it. Every ride seems to be an accomplishment for me, going that little bit harder through corners, pushing myself and the bike that little bit more. It feels great!
  5. No, it was just worn out. It's needed replacing for a while now. :grin:
  6. i was happy enough riding up and down my driveway for my first rideon my own bike :)
  7. It wasn't my first ride ever, just the first time I'd ridden my bike on a dirt road. I've been riding this particular bike for over 15 months. Mostly to work and home, but I like to go for rides on the weekends.

    Glad to see another rider out and about! You'll get more and more confident as you go.
  8. :LOL:
    last week i took the cbr down dunns ck road, on the dirt. i had to constantly remind myself "this is not a dirtbike" i kept wanting to throw it in to corners just like i did as a young bloke on the xt500.

    good stuff sonya, i have explored around that area but never angle crossing. i even made some roads over at burra - just the other side of the monaro.

    did the weather hold for you? when i het nipnip this evening it was looking like rain inland.
  9. It rained yesterday, but not today, thankfully.

    I was worried about wind in the morning, but it seemed to disappear.
  10. I always have to worry about wind in the mornings, especially after pasta! :LOL:
    DO the smaller bikes get blown around a lot? The GTR tends to get blown around quite a bit, it does have a lot of side area though.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. :shock:
    Remind me to sit on the other side of the table to you on coffee nights. :p :LOL:

    Some do, some don't. I notice it a lot on the GPX. It wasn't as bad on the TU, and Doug doesn't notice it much at all on his ER-5. Dad's CBR1000F cops it a bit, though. I think it all depends on weight and fairing.
  12. lotsa wind makes mine like a big sail, just gotta soldier on though, even if it is crooked :grin:
  13. Yeah it's funny, the old Z was like a rock in all conditions. I got on the GTR one day when it was quite windy, and the thing was slidng left to right underneath me like I was weaving cones! Mind you, it was veeeery windy and it was a gusty crosswind. The front tyre sucks like a black hole too.
    I haven't tried a dirt road yet, that can wait for another year or so! I suppose it would bring back my old BMX skills, but then I have never owned a 260 kg/ 100 hp BMX before!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Yeah, the worst experience with wind I've had was heading back up Brown Mountain one day with dad and bf. It poured and gusted for about 10 minutes, during which I was suddenly blown right into the opposite side of the road. :shock:

    Brown trousers or what....
  15. Sonja, I'm glad to hear that you took the yellow beastie off the road - definetely the go to get experience in not only wet and dry conditions, but dirt and tarmac alike. And don't search too hard for a reason to be happy on the bike. Just be :)