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My latest Edit, 10 Mile - Putty Road

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ayo Kano, May 3, 2013.

  1. Enjoy and all feedback welcome

  2. Video is nice and clear and it's well put together. I had to have the sound on mute here so didn't hear it.
    Your tank camera is too low for me. For a tank mounting like that I'd prefer just to see the tacho and screen and more of the road ahead. The rest of the bike in the shot is just space being taken up for nothing.
    Great job though.
  3. Yep, lift the camera a tad, so we can see more of the road....

    And the last time I rode the Ten Mile it was coated with diesel for the top half, very scary...
  4. Why fast forward the video?
  5. its like a 10yo kid on one litre of coffee, 2 litres of red bull and some not so legal stuff lol (short attention span)........fast forwarding everything is the way to go :)........
  6. Okay. I happen to prefer normal speed and no music so I can hear what the bike is doing. But hey can't fault the youngsters and their short attention.................:)
  7. Keep this video, but can you also upload the raw footage with both cams cut in with sound. Hearing the revs makes it easier to corner mark, understand what the bike is doing, how you exit the turn and it just sounds better than music :p

    On YouTube, link both videos back to each other. Some people like the ADD (short version) others like the long version with piston soundtrack

    edit: by great video none the less.
  8. Agree about not speeding it up. Anyone watching can do that themselves if they want to.
    If you want to make it shorter just cut the boring bits and maybe put a transition in or speed those boring/straight bits up really fast so it looks like you fast forward through them.
  9. for me I like music, after a while all motorcycle revs sound the same........I like watching fast forward too. But most of my vids are in normal speed coz my crappy computer hates all these extra stuff :(......plus it adds more work, and I hate work :).

    Ayo, love the vid man :)...