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My latest and most painful piercing!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gowron, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Yes all I have yet another piercing to my add to my collection the preston crew will know what I am on about I have added my 5th genital piercing a Apadravia, It is by far the most painful piercing I have ever had, and it is bleeding like a son of a biatch. go to www.bmezine.com to have a looksy at what they are.

  2. Ah, I was wanting to get either that or an ampling for my next one but I stopped working at the stop I was at so it got put on the back butrner. Couldn't really take time off from work to recover from a piercing, well justify it in my view. Have a frenum piercing which gives around 1/2 the fun/pleasure (from anecdotal reports) but a lot quicker recovery time :) Anyway, good luck on the piercing.

    Itching me to get back into piercings, been too long since I last had one.
  3. I still say yer a silly bugga. dont get it caught on anything :shock:

  4. Lol was it a male or female piercer ,
  5. lol everyone asks that, it was a male piercer.
  6. I would prefer a male ,
  7. What happens if you get a hard on when it's still healing???
  8. Ok well that i can answer, 1.The moment I got home i looked at some Pron to make sure i still could and I could but it did hurt and bleed a bit. But they recken that stops in a day or 2 but still no sex or pulling for at least 1 month. And Ive been told the first night expect a lot of blood because youll naturally crack a fat over the night bang it around a bit and to expect A nice pool of blood. so in prepartion of that, I have gotten a white towel to sleep on as well. Guaze to wrap around said piercing. And tissues salt water to remove dried blood from said piercing and clean it. I tell ya though I went for a short ride. I got to the end of my court and called my mum to push my bike home, fcuk it hurt. Hopefully I can ride a bit better tommorow.
  9. lol - what is ther risk of the piercer screwing it up and ruining some important nerve or something?

    Why do you get your dick pierced for? I honestly dont knwo why? Is purely a sex/pleasure thing?
  10. For me it was. I can't see any other reason to get a genital piercing unless it is for sex/pleasure/enhancement. Kind of a waste if it was for aesthetic purposes only :wink:
  11. Does that thing help you pick up SBS a bit better?

  12. Hahaha Gold! :rofl:
    Old enough to multilate one's self, but not big enough to move out of home, or man enough to push your own bike home :LOL:

    Edit: Not a dig/attack on your manhood ... just a joke at your expense, stemming from my misunderstanding as to why anyone would want to pierce their penis
  13. This thread is worthless without pics. lol

    One of my friends has this done.
  14. Qouted for truth :grin: Show us some pierced wang!
  15. +1

    Why go through so much pain and... deprivation... to have a bit of metal through your... parts.

  16. Easy to explain :) Multiply the pleasure of sex say by like 10 fold or so and that's one of the reasons of a piercing. Also exhances the 'daily' feeling so to speak.
  17. Another benefit: you could whip it out and pee sprinkler-style!
  18. What the hell does that mean?
    Or is that just a guy thing ? :?

    If your sticking foreign object through yourself to improve sex, pleasure, enhancement then there something wrong in the first place. LOL or not doing it right.

    So ok im in the crowd who just dont get the piercing thing.
    But tattoos i can handle. Have 4 myself.
  19. So what happens when you go through a metal detector at a Airport :shock: :LOL: and you have taken off all other metal, watch, wallet, shoes etc and it still goes off. Do you have to unbolt it from the fishing tackle :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool: