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My latest addition

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by TOADS, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Ok, well not exactly a new bike seeing as I've had her for over 12 months now, but I thought I'd share it's new coat of paint as well as the leathers I scored from last weekends supers.


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  2. Nice! best looking bikes imo, 848/1098/1198's.
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  3. awesome looking machine and leathers
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  4. Holy crap that is so cool.

    Amazing mate
  5. If i were presented the choice of that bike or Rosie Huntington i'd be seriously, seriously conflicted.
  6. Think I'd have to take Rosie :)

    Here's an updated pic with the tank panels painted white

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  7. holy crap hell its beautiful!

    Are you a track day junky?
  8. Spppooooont! Noice mate!
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  9. That is MINT.
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  10. Sure am, but not on the Duke, I've got a track bike for that.
  11. Very nice scheme and I do like the 1098s' ..........mmmmmmm