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My LAMS - Suzuki GS500F

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  1. Annluan submitted a new showcase item:

    My LAMS - Suzuki GS500F

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  2. Hey. Just picked up the same bike on Saturday. Well done. It is an awesome ride. I am new to riding also. Love the pick. What rack and bag have you got on the back? That will be next thing I need :)
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  3. Guys,

    A great first bike. They do everything pretty darn well. In fact there is no real need to upgrade unless you want to progress to something like a GSXR. Take care of it and it will last you for a long time. The resale is also rather good.
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  4. that was my first bike too. Had a Ventura rack and bag. Learnt to use the gears and rev the guts out of the engine especially when overtaking and going up and down the hills. Good touring bike till the crosswinds hit you, but that's a problem with all fully faired bikes. Cheers and enjoy the road.
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  5. sorry it has taken me a while to respond to you all.
    Yeah, the bag and rack are Ventura. bag is great, only complaint is that the side pockets are difficult to get into because the overhanging material which makes them waterproof is too low down. otherwise the expansion zip on the bag makes it able to take a hard backed laptop bag for a 15" laptop.
    I also have an Oxford sprint, tank bag. which is also handy as a small day pack. can't hold much more than a muesli bar, a small drink bottle, spare gloves, sunglasses, keys, iPhone charger and some small change. but it is enough for small trips.

    I recently discovered that revved upwards of 6000, the GS500F packs a mean punch. I slid back in the seat when I punched upwards from 80 on a country road in fourth… that was fun. :sneaky:
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