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My knee sliders are still virgins and other ramblings

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Bamm-Bamm, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Well after having the Bird for a while now I thought it was about time I started hanging off of the bike, so I signed up with the world renowned Pnut Knee Down Academy...first lesson was this morning so Pnut met me at the Caltex in Healesville at 8 for a little tuition. A couple of laps of the spur and a quick coffee and breakfast at the Roadhouse had us heading off up Chum Creek Rd to Kinglake/St Andrews for some practice...me kidding myself it would be easy after watching Pnut drag his knee with abandon...even at 20kph in a carpark :shock:

    Well it was my turn to have a bash and let me tell ya...fcuk it's hard :evil: . Some people make it look really easy but I found it to be extremely hard...hanging off a perfectly good motorcycle like that just doesn't feel right!. I was getting my arse off the seat but then keeping my body upright which wasn't doing me any favours...after a bit more encouragement from Pnut i got my knee to within about 30mm of the deck but could go no further...oh well just another excuse to ride and practice more :LOL: .

    After Kinglake we headed back to Healesvile back down Chum Creek Rd...by this time i had had enough of hanging off the bike and reverted to my usual arse glued to the seat riding style and had a damn good fang all the way to Healesville...so good in fact i had the rear spinning up out of some corners and was scraping the rh side peg.

    We pull into the Caltex for a quick drink and a rest and I notice a couple of marks on my bike...me being pedantic about keeping it immaculate I bend over to check em out...and sure enough both fairings have road rash from a bit too much lean angle...I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...it's good to know your getting the bike over but I know it's gonna hurt my wallet to get it repainted :cry:


  2. they are marks,no, trophies of enthusiasm.
    do not paint them :grin:
  3. Why would you paint over them? Surely you'll just be scratching them on the road again. Right? As Joel said, they are a trophy, show them off proudly! :grin:
  4. Ouch.

    I've always wondered what would scrape first if you lean the blackbird over too far... now I know. :p
  5. i know exactly how u mean. I tried and tried to get the knee down, on spur on kinglake, on chum and couldnt get it. After a trackday got the knee down :grin: :grin: and boy was it satisfing. Sooner or later u will get the knee down. Good Luck!! :grin:
    As for scraping ur fairing, DAMN. I thought on a blackbird u would scrape the cans before the fairing. Good work.

    All the best
  6. Knee down...

    Mate you should have let me know you were on a mission and I would have come along to watch the procedings........Man, I chewed up some tyre this weekend.....
  7. I'd say if your fairings are dragging, you need some more rear preload to give you a bit more clearance, provided it doesn't change the handling too negatively.

    And yeah, I can't get my bastard knee down either.
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: <-------ME
  9. I reckon you're getting there, fairing first then boot slider, next is the knee slider. :cool:

    Hhhmm, I wonder what does it take to qualify and enroll with the world renowned PNUT Knee Down Academy? ;)
  10. A complete lack of sanity I hear :p
  11. :LOL: PNUT.

    :shock: I'm lining up for lessons then! Whens the next course date. :LOL:
  12. catarse, if u hang off u lesson the chance of scratching your precious fairings. the reason u hang off is so the bike is more upright.
  13. I think cejay has a few pics from the Melb Cup weekend that might be at home here.... :grin: :moped: :grin:

    No way!!! I thought it was purely so you could do a bit of show boating while you sparked up your knees with your titanium sliders. :p :LOL:
  14. To Knee down or Not to knee down.

    Getting the knee on the deck is not always the Fastest way around a corner. I followed a RGV the other day, It looked like he was touching down now and then thru the Spur but after a few corners he was holding me up to much so I just rode around his outside on my old Rattler.
    I'm no expert but as you get faster eventually your knee will come down naturally. Just a theory. Chat next time your up. Cheers Ray
  15. Re: To Knee down or Not to knee down.

    Who's saying it is? :?
  16. ME.....

    ME...Thats who :grin: Cheers Ray
  17. :grin: :butt: ohhh good on ya Raff. :p
  18. Well...

    I am pretty sure that a lot of Guys and Gals think that if you don't have your knee down then you ain't Fast. Younger riders in particular....Thats Just my opinion. Thanks for your Two Bobs worth once again...LOL Cheers Ray :cool: