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My kind of brain fart

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Pompy, May 27, 2015.

  1. Decided to add a center stand to my ride, it arrived yesterday, easy clear instructions, basically just bole to existing frame mounts. All good until trying to insert the bolt on the right hand side..... Damn thing id behind the exhaust with just enough clearance for the bolt, Spent an hour swearing trying to get the F&^%ING bolt started on the thread, no luck.
    Put the tools down, drag the dog out for her walk, all the time swearing in my mind at these F@#$ERS that made something so simple, so hard.
    Get home cook dinner thinking of my options, decide I'll get a shorter bolt, rather not tho as it will reduce the amount of thread holding the stand on.
    Finish dinner, think, I'll give it one more go, hmmmm, its a frigging left hand thread, went straight in once I turned it the correct way:woot:

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  2. GO YOU!! And I'll bet your dog was happy you needed to go for a walk and clear your head :)
  3. Ha! Pompy, being the owner of a Series 1 LandRover, with differing bolt threads and various other nuisance non standards bits and bobs, I feel your pain. It's no brain fart. It's just counter intuitive engineering!

    My OH couldn't figure out why he couldn't get my left blinker to work and in my innocence said 'maybe it's separately fused'. "Who the f#%k separately fuses blinkers!" he demanded. LandRover do. Lucas wiring....commonly known as the prince of darkness.
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  4. Wiring harness smoke - Lucas.
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  5. After years of self maintaining vehicle I can personally vouch for walking away and doing domething else for a while.

    Something are obvious when you are not restrained by the assumptions you've made just beforehand.
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  6. And diagnostics can get expensive. My son bought an old Hilux surf which he came home in one night with this awful clacking noise. It sounded like the big end so he sourced another engine, pulled out the old one and discovered to his horror that a spring in the flywheel had let go. The poor thing had just fitted the newer engine, had to take it out, replace the fly wheel on the old engine, put it back in to see if it works and now has two working engines and a lot less money.
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  7. Haha yeah at least I didn't go out and buy a shorter bolt!!!!!
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