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My K9 GSXR 1000

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Carpe Diem, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I bought my K9 GSXR 1000 back in August for my birthday so i thought id share some Pics.

    Bike was stock when i bought it with 2500km on it ($11990 price tag too)

    Since August I have done a few changes/mods to it

    Fender eliminator.
    Blue reflective wheel trim.
    Jardine GP-1 slip-on Exhaust.
    K&N High Flow Air Filter.
    GSXR Anodised Blue Swing Arm Spools/sliders.
    GSXR Anodised Blue Bar Ends.
    Removed the reflectors of the front wheel guard.
    12V power socket and run iPhone charger.
    Fork stem iPhone Holder (purely for Mapping)
    GSXR brake fluid sock
    And a Ventura Rack and 55L bag for road trips

    Here's some pics, enjoy :)

    Wheel Trim.JPG beach bike 2.JPG
    iphone Holder.JPG myGSXR. New Pipe.
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  2. Nice Bike,

    Not sure about the lights on the wheels?????
  3. Lol there not lights Dude, its just reflective wheel tape. The flash from the camera made it light up like that
  4. Love it. I'm a little jealous if I'm to be perfectly honest.
  5. lol thanks but no need to be jealous mate, i know its a great bike but i used to ride a Hyosung GT650R before this, this is however my dream bike always wanted one so had to get it. Actually road it up the central coast from Melbourne over my xmas break. it did it in style
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  6. Love these bikes
    Part of me wishes I kept mine

  7. Yeah but you stepped up to what i do believe will be my next step up, The rear wheel on those things is insane :) But thanks it is a top bike. Very Happy with it
  8. Nice and shiny, very good! Congrats.
  9. Damn. Well done man
  10. Cheers Nucleotide

    thanks Nak


    thanks M0rrrph.

    Cant wait to get into the track with it and really start riding the thing, only so much you can do on the road with it ;)
  11. Love the gixxer 1k's, perfect colour scheme too ;)
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  12. Big fan of those pipes mate especially in that colour.
  13. Looks nice and tidy.....

    Those Jardines look like they'll keep the cagers at bay :D
  14. Cheers, The Pipes were a long decision but in the end the right one :D

    They are they perfect note to keep all at bay, they definitely know I'm there :sneaky: