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My job is better than your job

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by mipearson, May 11, 2005.

  1. Lovely.

    What does it do exactly?
  2. apparently it can assess your engine oil, auto fill it with Motul 5100, degrease and regrease your chain, and clean and shine your rims.....all with an LCD screen. Not bad
  3. ooooh!! i know what that is, i saw it on star trek last night :LOL: :LOL:

    dude, no-one should care that much about coffee, its just not right :?
  4. Savage.
  5. PHILISTINE !!!!! Public stoning for you !
  6. bwahahahahhahaa.... coffee smells like old people :LOL:
  7. Well, I have a two group-head, two steam wand full espresso machine with a sensationally gorgeous barrista ( :LOL: :p ) at my work!!! Gotta love working in a cafe....coffee til you're sick of it!!

    :D :D :D
  8. We have blend 43 instant. :(
  9. AHAR!!!! i totally get the duke now :LOL:

    sorry :oops: couldn't resist :wink:
  10. All it does is make coffee??

    What do you use to make toast, a jet engine?
  11. no, but you're definately onto something there :-k
  12. Ok, you win.
  13. I'm dissapointed, not one taswegian joke, or smutty innuendo posted
    (until now 8) )

    that's an oxymoron, I just don't get sick of [good] coffee :wink:

  14. Speaking of stoning.

    I hear the Catholic church are looking to change the bible to remove references to Stoning as the "younger generation" think it means something completely different :p :LOL:
  15. Hmm... our coffee machine is called Pop's Cafe. Makes a pretty good latte! :p
  16. Dear god not a latte!! Now that's a Pussy boy's coffee if i ever did see one. It's basically a flatwhite in a glass with a poofteeth more froth. BRING ON THE Machiatto, short black or flat white.
  17. Coffee is so very evil and should be band!! It makes normal people do really silly things like want to drink more and more!
  18. very nice , now all you need is some decent bloody cups :LOL:
    those thimbles that are in the picture surely wont satify the urge for the neactar of the gods