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my jeans fit - sort of. Advice?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chokpa, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Had an order from sportbiketrackgear and decided to get a pair of A* Jeans. Price was pretty good, and I liked the look better than the draggins I could find.

    I used the size chart and ordered online.

    So they're here, and I can put them on, put I have to hike them up to my waist to do the button up. Usually I wear the jeans just above my hips, now it's just a bit below the waist.

    Length is okay. Just reaches down past my ankle bone when im sitting.

    Fits okay around the thighs.

    It just f*ing tight around the waist. Gotta suck the ol gut in to put them on.

    They're made of "Raw Denim" which a friend says they'll stretch out if they're normal jeans. But these have kevlar in em so I don't know if the same will apply.

    I'm also afraid they'll get smaller if I wash em ](*,)


    Should I keep them or get the next size up and flog these ones off on ebay? They still have the tags on them and have not been worn outside the house. If i keep them will they eventually stretch around the waist?
  2. If they are raw denim - they have not been through a wash process
    they will stretch but will shrink when you wash them

    I advise y0u get the next size up - you can always hot wash them to shrink them a bit if need be but you can only stretch so far
  3. Be very careful of washing kevlar reenforced jeans in hot water. Or hanging them out in the direct sunight. The kevlar can go stiff and get scratchy and become quite uncomfortable.
    And yep they wont stretch that much and will shrink back to size after a wash.
  4. cheers, but i thought raw denim tended to stretch more than regular denim? just over a longer period of time (months as opposed to weeks)
  5. tight will also mean uncomfortable when on a bike -- do you want to be uncomfortable for a few weeks ?

    raw denim not having been washed means you will get a big shrinkage in the first wash compared to a normal pe-washed ( after manufacture ) or soft denim

    the following is from Wikki

    Dry or raw denim, as opposed to washed denim, is a denim fabric that is not washed after being dyed during its production. Over time, denim will generally fade, which is often considered desirable.

    Most denim is washed after being crafted into an article of clothing in order to make it softer and to eliminate any shrinkage which could cause an item to not fit after the owner washes it. In addition to being washed, non-dry denim is sometimes artificially "distressed" to achieve a worn-in look.
  6. May as well go for another size up as motolegion suggests..

    I've found different brands of jeans, especially of the kevlar variety can be dramatically different sizing.. with brands like hornee being 4-6" bigger than the equivalent size draggins.

    Also with the kevlar going hard in direct sunlight, I personally haven't had this happen but it could just be a particular type of aramid fibres used.
    I've got a pair of hornee jeans and wicked jeans (with fairly solid yellow kevlar and fluffy soft green aramid respectively). Both say to drip dry in the shade but they survive ok in a standard wash cycle, cold/warm dryers and even hung up on the clothes line.
    I never hang them up inside out which may be a factor as the kevlar never sees direct sunlight

    Other than that they just take a bit longer than normal jeans to dry.
  7. Cheers Chokpa

    and DCypher is correct about the wasing
  8. just wondered what the service process went with them as I am just about to order some gear through them
  9. didnt even know that A* did jeans
  10. Yeah they do, but not in aus retailers I think.

    1. They didn't tell me that my boots had to gotten from another warehouse, extending the wait time.

    2. Email them before hand about which shipping option to choose.

    3. Emails usually take a day to turn around

    anything else?
  11. Thanks being thinking of ordering through them or superbike toy store.
  12. Does your mum think there's enough room in the crotch?
  13. how do we view your gallery stu? ;)

    Snow, dunno. Im pretty sure there is, but I asked about a 34 anyway. Incase i decide to wear thermals or something underneath next winter