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My Insurance experiences for a new bike

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by undii, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Well I've been on the phone to 6 insurance places to see about full comprehensive for my Daytona 675 I am getting today. I'll give a run down on prices and any comments I feel that are appropriate.

    My history. Age 33, Just got off restrictions 2 weeks ago, got my Ls March last year. Full car licence since I was 21. I've had one claim which was for an off in March, no other vehicle involved.

    1: RACV

    I was previously insured with them. They handled the claim'ok' and I got the money back fairly quick and $500 for my helmet (other equipment isn't covered). I got a quote of $1,279 with a $400 excess or a monthly one which adds up to be about $155 more over the 12 months.

    2: QBE

    The quote was $1,110 with a $500 excess.

    3: Vic teachers credit union.

    Couldn't get a quote as I need to be a member which involves me switching my bank account(s?) to them firstly then I can get a quote. Might save $$ doing this, don't know and too much hassle for me to bother. Might help someone else? :)

    4: NRMA

    They don't do Vic and refer us Vic people to RACV

    5: Arista (riders aged 25-39) (40+)

    $507.40 with a $300 excess. I am going to investigate this further as I can't get a 100% proper quote as I was only asked my rating (1 for life from RACV), they didn't ask if I had an off as they they need VIN + rego of bike to go further. Hopefully these guys stay around the same price, I will definitely save $$$ in all ways if so; Cheaper premium AND excess :grin:

    6: AAMI

    Couldn't get my bike as they mainly just insure the Japanese bikes. They named MV Augusta, Ducati, Triumph, Cagiva, Harleys as makes they don't insure full stop. Also any bike over 100cc :roll: (What about hp vs cc?? DUH)

    Ok, if anyone has anyone else they think I/we should try,give me a yell in here.
  2. Hmmm. Just by coincidence and slightly off topic (from a daytona) I have just got ext 3rd party insurance on stealth Kat. Thrown in with the cars comp policy from shannons it came to $140. :)
  3. cool, I can't get shannons as I ride the bike more than 3 times a month :roll: :sigh:

    Anyway update, Arista I have decided to go with. Full details of all claims, speeding fines and stuff, $705.60 a year, $300 excess. $507.40 with no claim bonus so I hope next year :grin:
  4. Yeah I aint doing heaps on the motorcycle. I need the miles in my legs on the pushy. I said a couple of times a week tho. I think they would have been happy with not every day.

    I did tell em I have done 7 k in the car since last year :) thats 7 clicks not 7000

    Taking the motorcycle to exam this arvo as motorcycle parked opposite police station less likely to be nicked than pushy :)

    Good luck with it. ANd the recovery. Watch the wax on the new tires. Ahhh new tires, the next thing for me to sort.
  5. Yeah try swan insurance.

    AAMI are no good.

  6. Thanks for reminding me. I tried swann, EVERY link to them (even from the links dir here) says "page not found" now


    Anyone know a link or pH# for swann?
  7. I'll give you the insider information on swann... Dont bother unless your a dealer customer. My girlfriend when I met her post accident she was working for swann insurance here in Tasmania as a claims officer... my calims officer :wink:

    6 mths ago swann insurance down sized /conglomerated all of its offices from all of the states some 120 ish to head office in melb 80 people. Since that day all claims and aplications have been routed from the states to vic and customer service has gone south.. way way south.

    preimum wise the costs are on par with western qbe... full comp for my 98 cbf600 f4 was $800, basic excesses started at 400 for me back then a 23-24yr old! age excess was 250 :( but when compaired to qbe's

    common parking areas excess 250
    theft excess 300
    under age 300
    inexperenced rider 300
    basic premium on full comp 830

    On cost swann looked good...
  8. I think you got a good quote from Arista. I rang up Swann in March when I was getting my bike. They gave me a couple of names to ring. Obviously, they do not have retail offices and only take business from Motorbike retailers. The price I got was good but have not had a chance of testing their services yet.
  9. cheers ward_4e I think Arista is probably the best thing for me :)

    Hope this helps anyone else in a similar situation :grin:
  10. I had to go through a dealer to get a quote for Swann. No direct customer service people for the public as far as I could tell, all agency operated. I just called Peter Stevens in the city and got a quote there. Be prepared for the hard sell though, I was told something along the lines of don't go to QBE, because if you read their policy book it says something about your claim may be denied if the bike was unattended at the time it was stolen. Sounded like crap to me, I can't imagine an insurance company not paying out if your bike is stolen because you weren't watching it at the time..?
  11. No probs undii... I just wish I could join you on a few rides... The 675 is a hell of beast...
  12. i went with QBE when I got the VFR in March. They were nearly half price of the others. BUT, they do not cover any of your gear. I figured if I don't have an off in 2 years, I will be $1K better off, in 3 years $1.5k, and that would replace just about all my gear. Maybe.

    People have said that when my renewal comes up, QBE will jack the price. If they do, it'll be sionara QBE.
  13. doonks this is netrider everyone comes off. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. You might want to check that Arista will insure you. They told me no because I had had not held my bike licence for 2yrs.
  15. Hey good luck, its like a lucky dip when it comes to insurance.. I use WQBE which i find to be the most reasonable. Just remember cheapest is not always best when it comes to claiming..
  16. I checked with WQBE about that, and then sent them a letter confirming our discussion.

    If you leave the bike unattended in a public place, without the steering lock on, you are not covered. Otherwise you are.

    If for some reason you decide to park in the street instead of your regular garage, you are not covered, as it's seen as encouraging theft.