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NSW My Insurance Advice/Experience

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. I called AAMI up today to get a quote and they put me down as rating 5 at $1554pa for comprehensive and $258pa 3rd party F&T. The 3rd Party F&T is about $1000 cheaper then I have been quoted anywhere else and comprehensive is pretty much on the ball with what the other providers have offered me but with a higher agreed value and better benefits. I told them that I was just doing my research and that I would get back to them if I was interested.

    I then called them back within the hour and quoted my reference number. What happened next took me by surprise. The person just said straight off the bat without me asking that it says here that I can offer you rating 4 at $1235pa for comprehensive insurance, even after I told them in the first phone call that their 3rd party quote was quite cheap compared to others, and this is all with some great benefits IMO. This also means that next year if I renew my policy with them that instead of going down to a ratings 4 I'll be going down to rating 3. And yes, I did ask for a further discount before I signed up. :)

    So, never take their first offer, always call them back because they may give you a better price to seal the deal. Also, check out AAMI, they seemed quite good compared to some others. (Disclaimer, I in no way work for AAMI or have any connections to them bar that I just took my policy out with them)

    For those of you who want to compare their insurance:
    - I live in a pretty good neighborhood in Sydney (Castle Hill)
    - 25 years old
    - 00 Honda CBR600F

  2. Yeah but with nowhere near as good service or reliability as I will get with the bigger insurance company for slightly more a year. I've learnt that all insurance companies are shit, just some more so then others :). Just have a read of the ebike thread just started in the politics section by Siggi. I'm pretty sure ebike is the ones offerring the rating 1 if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Im with Swann, full comp. When I dropped my bike they were more than helpfull with my claim, told me how to go about claiming and have been very helpfull all the way down the line, Even the assesor was good, Came out to my work to look at the bike.
    The only snag so far is waiting for the tank to be painted, Jeezzz they are slow,
    Cant fault them so far.$400-00 excess.
    Maybe the end of this week I get my Baby home, Brand new again,
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    [-( Wrong I did not failed to disclose everything I was not remembering all my infringement notices and if it is such a big deal I think the insurer should have ask for the 5yr driving record up front. I also have not misled the insurance in anyway and already also said if we disclose everything to our best knowledge we should not become target of a refusal on insurance. After all we’re consumer not legal experts like in all contracts you can find loopholes and it can be argued back and forward. But first of all we customer and a good company should always strife to satisfy their customer needs. I also would like to stress that I do not support any person who has knowingly misled a insurance about serious information (driving convictions, ie. Drink driving, suspended licence for speeding or other offences). Now one more thing, I somehow get the feeling that ISCN is associated with ebike not sure about that you may declare yourself in regard to that. But no worry here u don’t need to disclose everything like in the insurance companies. Take it easy :beer:
  5. Siggi, it is called a Duty of Disclosure becuase it is your DUTY to DISCLOSE all relevant information that is asked of you.
    If the company has asked you if you had any infringements then it is your duty to tell them, not theirs to request you spend $8 to confirm if you are lying/forgetting or not.

    If they did that then people would complain that they have to spend extra money in order to take out a policy.

    So YES, you did FAIL to disclose everything. The excuse of "I don't recall" has been flogged to death by politicians, we don't need bikers to start using it.
  6. I really don't think so - I've seen him tear strips off them in another thread.
  7. :nopity:Here we go again, it says that you have to disclose to your best knowledge and truthfully which I did as I was quoting as much as I knew at the time and I was not even aware that I can get this 5yr record from Vic. Road. To the politician they forget things which are just 1 yr ago please don’t compare apple with pears. Now it would also leave the questioned intend to have your business and have the opportunity to argue any insurance claim made. They should then have also the information available in case I’m not sure I can request this records from vic. Roads ( nothing you find their in the policy) but when I came to review my case the first thing they ask was the 5yr record from Vic. Roads they don’t even ask if I did insured myself. Like I already said there is always a wrong and a right for both parties. A good company would take this info and improves their policy this is customer satisfaction. If you say that’s why its called duty of disclosure you ask the bank and insurance world where this was when the financial crash happened. Cheers ](*,) I realy love this forums =D>

    No worries it was rather meant as a joke anyone can be on here and it really does not matter as I like constructive criticism. My apologies if I have offended ISCN so you go ICSN and dish out would be pretty boring this world if we would only have smooth talker around =D>
  8. It is standard in a claim to ask for a DHS however, as I stated in the earlier post, to ask of it at the start, thus prolonging your uninsured status and costing you money, would be impractical and be sure to raise the ire of many prospective customers.

    You say you answered to the best of your knowledge of your OWN personal history, then after admitting you got it wrong claim that it was the companies responsibility to know your history better than you? I am not sure if this is what you are saying because if it is, that is rather stretching the concept of joint responasbility.

    Also, asking the insurance world where the duty of disclosure was during the GFC? I am really not sure what you mean?
  9. Ah you think because if they make you aware of how you easily gain information which may costs you $8 they lose your business and rather keep quiet to shoot out when the claim comes along. Interesting remark! No I do not think the company has to know my history but if this is of such importance and they would ask for this driving records anyway in a case of a claim than they have the knowledge how it can be received easily and did not disclose it to the consumer at the time to gain their business. :nail:

  10. Way to go not comprehending what I have now said, twice.
    Forget it dude, there is obviously no getting through to you.
  11. So you think if you:-(insurance) have a son :-(customer) and you ask him to tell you something of importance and he tells you as much as he remembers but forgot something a long time ago. You on the other hand knew that he could have remembered this by grapping the family album. You think he is guilty. Think again he may was honest and if you would have give him your knowledge he would have told you all. Not sure if you really get it ether (you want one party to disclose everything but the other party can come when its suits them).:-s