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My ideal ride route

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nwise, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. http://maps.google.com

    This message is responded out of context.
    If people like javascript stuff to hide long url then well it works for them. Thanks.

  2. Not making him take the trip up to Walcha?
    Be carefull on the roads out near Bourke,
    The turns can come up very quickly.. :D
    Lived out there a while ago...
  3. Man, that was a looooong web address. :shock:
  4. Or better still, this:
    [url=www.google.com]Click this[/url] to go to Google.
    Click this to go to Google.
  5. towamba rd, through to burragate and on to mt darragh rd is mostly dirt :)
  6. After the Putty, you are missing some of the best bike roads in Oz..
  7. Dream ride

    This is my dream ride I have posted, luckily with Google maps, navigation and finding good roads has been really easy - thanks Google.
  8. +1 :shock: wow.....guess if you enjoy highway riding looks like a decent run
  9. Did a Cruiser yesterday give you an inspiration to do this route?
    Man your route is as long as the URL. :LOL:
  10. THIS was my route today. this also included sealing 6.2km (cumulative) of road :cool:
    another day, another dollar....
  11. Ideal Ride

    Google map records the coordinate in the url querystring. hence long url, its their design.
  12. Ideal Ride

    One of the hardest thing in my life is to lie to myself. I will never do!!!!

    Try doing weird google searches after midnight and you will know what i mean. Google is putting out some new applications to stop WEB-BOTS. And midnight AUS time is when they are prime time (TESTING).
  13. Re: Ideal Ride

    But you didnt have to post the whole lot :? You'll get the hang of it.
  14. Re: Ideal Ride

    thanks bro. Lesson learnt in this form.