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My idea - eBay moto accesories shop??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by OC1, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Ok guys and gals, I have lernt very quickly the old rule "motorbike stuff is damn expensive"! Apart from some one-off specials, it seems gear - especially genuine accesories, are just a plain rip off (as they are for cars as well)!!

    I have not been able to find an Aussie-based eBay store dedicated to bike accesories??? I have found some real gems on eBay - all overseas - and even with freight I am finding gear is around 50% cheaper (especially hardware such as racks, topcases, windscreens and after-market parts).

    So - is it worth starting a eBay store for this stuff??? I would understand it would have to be generic type gear, but it seems there is a fair bit of fat that can be trimmed from Aussie retail prices.

    What kind of gear would be suitable to sell??
  2. Do the research on what is required to set up an ebay store and the costs involved in keeping it running.

    Then post it all here and let everyone look at it. You may get better opinions when all the cards are on the table.

  3. Maybe, but I think they Aussie distributors might not want to sell to you for fear of upsetting their brick 'n' motar retail stores. Sourcing from OS might be hard too due to many exclusivety arrangements with existing manufacturers. Would be worth looking into it ... I'd be interested in how you go too.
  4. We have built up a very good business by selling on ebay . (nothing to do with motorbikes tho) As for costs , tomorrow, im off to bed. :LOL:
  5. We had a similar problem with Ice Hockey gear... Retailers and distributors in Australia basically had a monopoly...that was until quite a few of us started ordering gear from the US websites at over 70% off!
    A $1000 pair of Ice skates you could order, ship and receive wtihin 5 days for around $250-$300 :shock:
    Forced the buggers to offer price-matching with the overseas retailers...now with the FTA in force it's even cheaper! (no importation duties/tariffs on US produced goods).
    Get out there and have a look around guys...there are many international retailers for bike gear as well! :LOL:
    An online retailer in Oz would be great...not sure how you'd go competing with the overseas retailers though...?
  6. I'm sure you'd get plenty of support, and, with the motorcycle market being as bouyant as it is at the moment, there's no better time to do it.
  7. I have given it some thought - to make it worth while I would need to import stuff directly from the overseas wholesalers. And I think this is where the problem may be.....

    eBayers are already overseas close to these wholesales and therefore it is much easier to deal with them. Unless you are going to keep a lot of stock - and holding stock is not the best way of selling by auctions - you end up being a warehouse!

    If you sell stuff via eBay then order it, there could be shipping delays and all kind of troubles that would annoy the buyer??

    I think for the time being the best thing to do is perhaps "somehow" arrange for bulk-buys with members and see if some of the large OS eBay stores will sell at a good price??
  8. People might be interested in an import agent - they find a good product overseas, you organise the whole thing right through to delivery, and they just need to pay online to your store. Group buys would see the best prices.

    A lot of people couldn't be bothered mucking around with the import whole process, so you could get in the middle and make a buck or five.
  9. Yep - I think bulk-buy is the way to go - started a thread to see if it is a good idea at all??

    Compared to retail some items - such as Givi stuff - you can still make a 20% profit and undercut bike shops by a fair bit!