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My "I am a RIDER" moment - Share yours

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gs250rr, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Earlier today I drove my wife's car just around the corner to return a rental DVD and that's when one of my neighbor's drove past me and gave a friendly wave and I .. I NODDED BACK!! .. after a few seconds I realised I am in a car and should have waved back rather than a nod! o_O :eek: :banghead: :ROFLMAO:

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  2. Put your finger up next time,its more neighbourly.
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  3. nodding a car driver? but I was not riding .. a little confused now :confused:..
    Its been 3+ months since I am back on riding scene and absolutely loving it .. now I wonder how I survived without it for last 15+ years.. For me this was a funny moment that confirms I am enjoying being a rider than a driver. :riding:
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  4. I had a big bloke on a Harley pull up next to me on the way to work. The bloke was so friendly, we chatted all the way through to the green light. Sort of felt light the lights changed too quickly! It interrupted our chat.:)
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  5. I love nodding threads
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  6. I hope you realise Mick is taking the p15s. Ffs don't message Smee about nodding.

    Mick, you're just plain evil :sneaky:
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  7. All I can picture is a bunch of bikers passing each other at high speed nodding excessively like novelty bobble heads.
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  8. i tend to find cruiser riders don't nod back to me.

  9. Too busy trying to be laid back? Can't nod when you're limp. I guess they could at least flop their head to the side a bit.
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  10. I'm a cruiser rider and I nod. Next on Jerry Springer...
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  11. If it was just around the corner, why didn't you walk?
  12. I am a river to my people.
    Sometimes that river is a stream of urine
  13. I had a beer in the fridge and it had been waiting for me all day ;)
  14. I made a meme a while ago that's appropriate for this thread...

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  15. In Communist Netrider .... Moderator come to you
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  16. ...probably the same reason i rode my bike from the cabin to the shop at pambula multiple times - lazyness.
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  17. @ OP.....

    Were you ATGATT or driving Squid when you dangerously Nodded at the cager?
    What would you do differently next time?
    Do you find wearing your helmet while driving your car adversely affects your peripheral vision?

    Where are all the NODerators?????.........this thread has potential...........
  18. driving squid and next time will be more neighbourly and put my finger up! :barman:

  19. Interesting point.. so while we are at it pls share if you (biker) nod scooter? Coz at the moment its a "neither I and nor they" situation for me.
  20. Nodding threads are like bubonic plague...mostly eradicated, however tends to break out now and then. Easily controlled if treated aggressively...