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My Hyosung tips

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Hyo36, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Hi peoples just giving hyo riders heads up on the changes on hyo gt650r efi stator change from elecrosport from kawasaki en500 & mosfet rec. When changing i cut the groung wire from the wiring harness as the the the harness is running a ground threw it . also changed coils to kwaka coils never had a problem with my hyo for the last 12months . any hyo rider having charging problems having a look into it ... Hope this help .....

  2. Hi hyoriders desnorkel & BMC airfilter does make a nice quick sharp throttle response & setting tps & spark plug gap.... Nice & responsive .
  3. Hi all .......Got my hyosung pass blueslip inspection ...with screaming demon exhaust on Couldn't believe it ..
  4. Probably took pity on a Hyo owner. :p
  5. Another fix is to check the coils starting pre fix, either man "F" or an "R", this is meant to meant front and rear coil. The rear is a lesser coil quality, get another "F" coil and that is one issue fixed. The charging issue.... My fix involved upgrading the rectifier..... A small vented box located near the battery housing, it has two clip plugs that connect it.... Easy. Don't buy the standard Hyosung replacement part, it's no good, get the modified version from Electroport and replace it, it's a 5 minute swap out plug and play ..... Totally fixes the charging issues and everything is sweet with the ride. I have had zero issues since!! Hope it helps !! Oh, it exactly the same issues with Hyosung 250's and 650's.... Same fix !! Enjoy ;)