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My Hyosung gt250r review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by live4themoment, May 30, 2007.

  1. Hi I know there are already a fair few hyosung threads here already but just thought i might give my progress thoughts on the bike. I have just had it in for the 6000km service and have owned it for going on 7 months now.

    Having read lots of people saying the build qaulity is slacker then say a honda 250 i have only had one problem with build related problems and it was a minor one. Around 2000kms the padding in the front dash slipped down and the gauge housing rattled when ever i got to 6000rpm but stopped when i got to 7000rpm. This was a simple fix they just put some extra padding in at the 6000km service and just tightened the unit up a bit more.

    Engine wise there has been no problem it starts first go doesn't need choke and doesn't need to be revved a little just starts and idles. I did notice that the throttle seemed to get a bit of lag in it but that was gone when i got it back from service so can not have been anything big.

    Lookwise nearly everyone that sees the bike can't believe that it is a 250 due to the size of it and the fact that for a 250 it looks bettet i think then any other 250 out there apart from maybe an aprilla rs250 which you cant get on L's or p's anyway

    And i found for me it was a good bike to learn on i had never ridden a motorbike before i got it but when i first got on it i was comfy straight away ended up doing 200kms when i said i would just go around the block to get used to it lol.

    So i know 6000kms isnt a huge amount but so far so good have had no huge problems with it and it goes nicely. I know there are zippier 250s out there but i think for a learner it was a good bike for me to learn on.
    P.S Don't try and use it to do the p's test lol