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My Hyosung GT250 problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by veom, May 7, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I recently bought my first bike. Its a hyosung 2010 gt250 efi. When I bought the bike I knew I might run into a few little problems and I think this is the first one.

    So the bike is about 3 years old and has just under 3,000 ks on the clock, it just had its first service at 1,900ks (suppose to be at 1,000). The bike shown a few symtoms that it was leading up to a problem recently. One night when I was riding I had my high beams on for 15-20 min then the fi light came on. I pulled over waited a minuet or two, started it up again and it was fine for a bit longer had the same issue. I pulled over started it up again, turned off the highbeams this time. After this stop it was better, it happened again shortly after the second stop, but then i rode the bike home (30 min) with the highbeams off and it didn't have a problem.

    This morning I started the bike, it was a cold morning so I started it up as I put on my gloves. I got out on the road and I felt the bike jerk, this also happened when I had the other problem mentioned above. I get about 300meters down the road and the fi light came on. I pulled overstarted it up again and the fi light stayed on. I rode it home the fi light stayed on the whole time.

    Now I am on the train writting this post... Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Got any tips?

    Note: Im not sure if this could help but I applied chain spray on the bike chain last night. I also took it out in the wet for the first time over the weekend
  2. It's a dungflung, could be anything.

    There will be an error code in the black box that you will need the right computer to interrogate. This will help the diagnosis. Off to the mechanics.
  3. It indicates a faulty sensor but not necessarily which one. If you are confident follow the self diagnosis procedure in the Manual
  4. On the spewzuki that I owned, when I took the exhaust air sensor off the Fi light came on
  5. ...of many

    Mate had a 250 Hyo as his first (and last) bike. Always having issues with the electrics, blown globes, tacho stopped working, flat battery, push starts etc, etc, etc..
  6. Thanks for all the replies so far guys. I might give the diagnousic thing a go. But I think its going to end up at the mechanic, which is a bit disappointing. Is there anything I should watch out for when I take it to the mechanic, can you think of any buzz words they could use to lead me down the wrong path?
  7. i would say your issues are directly linked to your spraying your chain and getting your bike wet.
  8. "banana" :bannanabutt:

  9. More than likely true too lol
  10. So I went for a ride round the block last night and it was fine... What gives? I wish it was either broken or fixed rather than a state somewhere in between. I think if it happens regularly I might take it into the mechanic but replicating the issue could be the problem.
  11. It's a hyosung, they over time develop what you might like to call "personality" they are a little tempremental, quirky and love to explore new ways to keep you on your toes. Ive had mine 9 months, 25000klm, 4 or 5 track days, no serious drama.... New cam chain tensioner and front cylinder rebuild( this was my fault-hyos do not like burn outs) a petrol gauge which works backwards so when he's full he says he's empty. And only twice, it's completely shut down mid ride, mechanic checked it never occurred again. But get the bike checked anyway.... Just in case :)

    Apart from those the bikes been great.
  12. Hi Mate.

    My condolences.

    The FI light on both of my bikes was a sign of things to come. The 2010 models are notorious for this, I am lead to believe the 650's more than the 250's though. Both my bikes suffered much the same fate, just the first one died of my negligence before it could get as bad as the second one did.

    FYI the issues on my second couldn't be fixed, so much so that the factory requested the bike back as it kept re-faulting, even on the next owner!

    There are many fixes online, all void any warranty you have. Checkout the hyosung riders forum www.korider.com

    Or it could just be a sensor........

    They are a great bike.... when they work!
  13. So I ended up taking my bike back to peter stevens in Ringwood (VIC) where the bike was purchased from originally and where it was serviced last month. I just got a call from them saying that had adjusted some sensors and changed some settings in the computer. I'm picking it up tomorrow so hopefully its all good!

    Peter stevens did it all for free which I thought was a pretty good deal.

    Thanks for all your help
  14. Hi guys

    I've got a hyosung gt250(comet) EFI 2010 model its been a pretty good bike so far its had its moments. Anyway I've recently serviced the bike, where I replaced the air filter and cleaned the rear spark plug. When I finished the service I fired the bike up for 30 seconds then turned it off and it worked fine.

    Two days later it won't start (I hadn't started it between the initial start and now) it just cranks and doesn't really fire, but it seems odd sometimes it sounds like one cylinder is firing. Here are the things I've done to try fix it :

    • Replace both spark plugs with completely out of the box new ones
    • Take out the air filter completely
    • Changed the fuel
    • Check that all the plugs are plugged in
    • Checked spark on both cylinders
    • Poured a tiny bit of fuel down the spark plug hole and try start it
    • Push starting it
    • Checked fuel is coming out of the fuel hose when the fuel pump is primed
    Nothing is really working, sometimes when I crank it, it seems like the starter motor is going but the engine isn't turning? I think that's more a symptom than the cause.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I can't really think of much more to try. I feel like I will crank it tomorrow and it will probably just fire up.
  15. Have you checked your kill switch?
  16. Yep I've made sure the kill switch is off. On the hyosung if you press the starter and the kill switch is on it doesn't even engage the starter.
  17. Do you have a side stand /in gear lock out - so you can't run the bike with the side stand down? If so, check this switch. Check the voltage of your battery. Is it fully charged? Modern bikes can be a bit fussy if the battery is down on charge, or if the battery connections or earth are a bit poor.
  18. Is it injecting fuel would be my next check I guess. Not sure how to manage that, perhaps pull a plug after you have been cranking for a while to see if it is wet?

    Are the injectors fused separately to the rest of the electrical circuit? Check fuses?

    What is the F1 light doing on the dash, I am not sure if you have to put a short link to get its error code.

    Check the Manual for the method of checking error codes: http://www.hyosungmotors.hu/download/pdf/data/service-manual/GV250-GT250-EFI-service-manual.pdf
  19. charge your battery.

    i had a 2010 GV250 and it was lucky to start most of the time, turned out that the stator was wound with human hair instead of wire so it wasnt charging the battery properly.

    it would crank, fire (pop) occasionally, sometimes it would start on 1 cylinder only until revved

    unplug the fuel lines from the injectors and sit them on top of the engine
    unscrew 1 spark plug and rest in the plug hole
    spray 'start ya bastard' over the rest of the frame
    try to start

    possibly make sure you're comprehensive insurance is paid up too
  20. The first real check of function is often to see if there is spark. I generally do this by removing a spark plug, reconnecting it to the lead, earthing the side of it somewhere on the engine where it is not painted. You should be able to see a spark when the engine is turned with the starter.

    A second, easy thing to check is the fuel pump. Fuel injected engines have a fuel pump, which runs when the ignition turns on. Mine is inside the tank. I don't know where yours is. Disconnect the fuel line and see if it delivers fuel when the ignition turns on. You might want to connect a little extension line to it and collect the fuel, rather than just spilling it. Definitely do this after checking the spark, in case you spill some fuel. (safety)

    If there is fuel and spark, then the next thing that could be checked is the signal to the injectors themselves. first check that the connections are firmly attached to the throttle bodies You should be able to detect, with a voltmeter, a pulse of current to the throttle body. I've never had to do this, and I'd guess that some meters might not be fast enough, but a digital meter should show something.

    ECUs (engine control units) are wonderful things. they determine such things as ignition timing, fueling and take input from throttle position sensors, tacho, O2 sensor. This is all complicated stuff and to get anywhere with it, it's a real good idea to lay your hands on a decent workshop manual for your bike. This will enable you to see what can be done with your particular machine and how to do it. Some bikes can produce quite definitive diagnostics enabling you to identify where the problem is, pretty much exactly, without going through all the things it might be manually as I've described. Getting such a manual for any bike can be a problem, however, depending on how popular the model is.

    Otherwise, you might just be relying on half-baked ideas such as those I've put up. I'm no mechanic. So take any advice I've given, apart from that about the manual, with a big grain of salt.