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my Hyo GT650R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Smithy, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Here are some pics, I've since taken off the rear pegs, and moved the rego label to the swing arm. I'm also in the process of making a bracket for LED's to be mounted on the inside of the fairings for that 'neon' affect. I will post up more pics soon.

    mods so far: a/m blinkers, tinted double bubble screen, fender eliminator, C/F tank protector, reflective rim tape
    Mods to come: LED's, lower susp, slip on pipe, oggy nobs & a custom made chain gaurd.




  2. Smithy, looks great!

    So yours is the 07 model - am I right in saying thats visable by a black frame? Does yours have EFI? How are the brakes, improved?
  3. Looks good mate, nice start.
  4. Yep, black frames means the 2007 model, no efi yet, they're still a carby set up, brakes are fine.
  5. Where did u get those blinkers from????? and also the rear fender eliminator.....bike looks excellent mate,GOOD job.... :applause:
  6. Ooh, modifying a Hyosung.... You'll be needing this:

  7. Loz, Go F@*K yourself !!!
  8. Touchy! :grin:
  9. Hey Smithy ignore him, he hates Hysoungs but then again I hate barber shop quartets, go figure. :LOL:

    OK OK Suade aren't that bad, there are more then four of them.
  10. I'll admit to a slight bias. I only rode the one, I'm willing to be convinced, and they may well develop into a quality brand. Still, whatever you ride you're gonna cop plenty, better you cop it from me than from your mechanic like so many Hyo owners...
  11. Not this one mate, 27,000kms and still going strong. :grin:
  12. All comments aside about what TYPE of bike it is, it does look pretty cool :) Going on looks alone, I'd take that bike any day :)

    Where'd you get the reflective rim tape? Looks cool :)

    (disclaimer: I've never ridden a hyo and I am not going to make derogatory comments based on other people's experiences)
  13. I wont "diss" your ride. Looks sweet overall. Not so sure about the rim tape but looks good. Enjoy and post as many pics as you like. :grin:
  14. Well I rode a few bikes before I picked my Hyo.
    the final 3 I choose from were:
    1. 2005 Ducati 620ie Monster - with 15oookm
    2. 2003 Suzuki GSXR600 - with 28000km
    3. 2007 Hyosung GT650R - brand new with 2year warranty.

    The Hyo was the most comfortable & easiest to ride, as it is used as a daily ride, this was the main consideration. The fact is that it is a brand new bike that hasn't been flogged or dropped was a nice thing too.
    Plus the the fact it's a v-twin, and a 2 year warranty. It's the same motor as a Suzuki SV650, (which I have also ridden) yet it is in a sporty frame.

    My mate, who is a die hard Kwaka fan, and rides a 99' ZX7R, rode my GT650R, and thought it was great, and raved about it.

    Yes. the old Hyo's had some problems, yet so have a few Jap. itailian & American bikes over the years too. But the service assistance from Hyo dealers has been very good.

    Most people who bag Hyo's, haven't ridden them or don't know the history, and these people are TOOLS!!

    So the Hyo, might not be up there next to the ZX6R's, GXSR600's CBR600rr's etc... but they are really not that type of bike. If you compare it to a Duc 600SS, ZZR750, gsx750f, FZ6F, SV650, z750 etc.. then they are a GREAT alternative.

    ps: more pics to come
  15. It's not the same motor as the SV similar but not the same.
    All hyo 650's have dodgy top end's, a known problem accepted overseas but ignored by Hyosung Australia.

    Also watch out for spares I've found it cheaper to import everything form overseas as they can be got from the US at 1/2 of the cost here. ie cylinder head $1095 compared with $2295 in AU.
  16. Smithy where did u get those cool blinkers and fender eliminator if u dont mind sharing with me.... :LOL:
  17. Well thats your point of view, I guess. thats fine.

    Here is some info I've found on the Hyosung / Suzuki / Alphasports / United Motors 650 issue thanks to a quick google search:

    "The Hyosung is, in fact, an early-model Suzuki SV650 engine built under license in Korea"

    "These are all basicly the same bike based upon a joint venture between Suzuki and Hyosung. Hyosung manufactures the engines and trannies for both Hyosung and Suzuki. Hyosung manufactures the entire bike for Alphasports and United Motors. Hyosung utilizes a steel frame and carbs on thier bikes because the public (for all but the profdessional racers) can get the same enjoyment level of performance with a less costly, more servicable carberated, steel framed bike than a fuel injected, aluminun-alloyed."

    this is a quote from Fisher's media release about the Fisher MRX650
    "The Hyosung 650 unit offers more power and torque than either the Suzuki SV 650 or the Ducati Monster 800"

    My favourite is this taken from 2 posts on https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10543
    "...the Hyosung GT650R is rated at 58.5kw whereas the Suzuki SV650S is only rated at 51.5kw (both manufacturers specs for engine power). Don't have figures for torque but both produce peak power at the same rpm so clearly the Hyosung also produces more torque than the Suzuki."
    & "The Comet brochure I'm holding in my hand says 79 hp for the 650.
    250 model is 30 hp @ 10,500 rpm
    For comparison (not talking about weight or other factors) Ducati Monster 620 lists 63 hp @ 9,500 rpm"

    So maybe I'm getting a little carried away here, but all in all, Hyo's are a great value for money bike, and are not POS, anymore then a Suzuki is or for that matter a Ducati. As we all know they have their problems too.

    I just believe Hyo owners deserve a little more respect around here then whats been given.
  18. It's not it's similar because it was designed by ex Suzuki Engineers that Hyosung poached
    hyo although they manufactured a lot of engines for Suzuki, never manufactured the 650.

    Its true that the hyo makes slightly more power than the sv but it does weight 20kgs more.

    I agree hyo riders deserve a little more respect, but I'm not going to extend that to the company.

    Oops Missed a bit as I've said before cheap could mean more maintenance, but grenade engines and parts more expensive than a Ducatti is a bit much.
  19. haha Loz you funny bit&$. i hate to dis other peoples bikes but i have to agree with you. they not very good bikes but if the fella loves his bike, atleast pretend you like it. :LOL:
    eg. i like colour of your bike. black looks good on ur bike
  20. Dude you hate it but you do it, give us a break. Oh and your bike is a piece of shit and you are stupid for buying it. :grin: