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My honda CBR250R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shiftt, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. After a long spell from being online i am back online and posting:)
    My first topic is about my CBR250R
    I have decided it is time to upgrade, doing that i have posted my bike on a bike sale website.. since doing that i have had a few calls but mostly time waster. So i decided i would go do a trade in. Most places i have been wont have a bar of it as they say they r too hard to sell on. Is anyone else having these issues with their CBR250r? or even RR? Also could this be because of the LAM law?

  2. Alot of dealers don't want the single Rs due to being much older, imported, not as attractive, etc. as the RR.

    Not really because of lams, cbr250 are still one of the fastest learner legal bikes, despite lams.
  3. What price were you trying to sell at? Would the bike come with a RWC?
  4. CBR250R's were a good bike. Same power output as the RR's, less racey seating position and a whole host of other differences in the frame, rendering most parts incompatible (including the engine head) with the RR.

    Trouble is, they were never imported by Honda Australia. So you'll have trouble getting english manuals, local parts etc. Additionally some of the parts are no longer available from Honda Japan.

    I'd recommend you sell privately, you won't get much from a dealer on a 20 year old bike.

    LAMS doesn't ban the CBR250's as far as i'm aware.
  5. I have recently put it on another bike sale website. The asking price is $4,200. I do not have a RWC but if someone is willing to buy it with a RWC i can get one. If you would like the link to my bike let me know.
  6. There is no shortage of parts for cbr250r. You just cant get then from honda dealers. they do share some parts with RR

    The realistic selling price for a 250R is around $3500, depending on condition.
    MAX $4000 if it is in REALLY REALLY good condition.
    most have dints and dents and the amount people are willing to pay will vary. I suggest you be open to offers.
    But at the end of the day, if you do not sell if you are unhappy with the price offered.

    Good luck with the sale
  7. My friend bought a cbr250r at the beginning of this year he got it for $3k and it didnt need any thing done to it but no rego or rwc.
  8. i used to have a cbr250r - give it time, i put mine up on the net and sold within 3 hours.
  9. Same price I got mine for. Great mechanically, had some cosmetic damage though.

    Without rego, I can't see anyone paying over $3500 for any 250r, irrespective of condition, unless you're really lucky and get someone who isn't really willing to shop around. Listing it for $4200 may push most serious buyers out of the frame, I'd re-evaluate and have a think about what price you'd be happy with accepting and adding 200-300 on top of that price.
  10. Agreed. $4200 even with rego seems pretty unlikely. I paid $3900 for my cbr250rr, although it didn't have rego (needed some consumables replaced). And that only had 30,000km... Wasn't immaculate though.

    I'd list it at $3500-3800 and consider offers, probably around the 3 mark, depending on condition/mileage.
  11. I wont trust the odos on cbr250 or anything that is more than 10 yr old.

    pre crash my odo read 30k, post crash it read 15k. if i looked hard enough i can prob get one that said 1k !!
  12. Thanks for your comments and advice. I will keep you's posted on what happens :cool:
  13. Oh forgot to mention. I sold my 250rr 2weeks ago for $4.2k Not a scratch on the bike (new fairings and engine). and done all the k's on the engine myself(from brand new engine). Only thing it needed was just re-new rego (1 week left) and new clutch cable. Other wise top condition.

    The dealer I went to before only gave me $3k for the bike so I sold it privately instead...
  14. Updating my post. After my laptop being down and not working. its all going well now. I revently put my honda cbr250r on a bike website for sale for $4,200 Got a buyer, he wanted a RWC so i did so which costed me peanuts. My cbr 250r got sold and left tonight with the new owner.. it is a sad night..:(
  15. but you definitely got good money for it. think ur pretty lucky to get 4.2k for it. good luck with ur next bike purchase!! :)
  16. 4.2k with RWC... wow you got a good deal there.

    RWC's are real cheap when nothing needs to be done. However if they decide your discs or tyres are out, they get expensive (found this out).
  17. nice bike, fun little thing to ride