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My hobby and handywork

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by bretto61, May 23, 2013.

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    Just finished two of my new toys and am pretty chuffed.
    And too bloody exhausted to string and set the intonation tonight.
    Actually the LP has a slight hum so I will be taking out the bridge tomorrow first and seeing whats what with that end of the earth.
    The LP (the gold one) is a 97 classic. I fitted a stewmac premium pot and cap upgrade. And had some pups wound from Mick Brierley in adelaide. His pickups are as good as they get and his prices are great for hand wounds. I Put a BH16 in the bridge and an MV5 in the neck. It looks sweet but it's my heavy guitar. It's got brilliant sustain and for something that gets so dirty it can really clean up impressively when needed.

    The other one I made out of parts from other guitars and of course fitted Micks HSS set.
    From the top it has sperzel locking nuts.
    Warmouth hard rock maple neck... quite thin. Stainless frets, and an Alder body.
    Tone Pot is Bourne 500k as CTS don't make a decent push/pull 500.
    I used a .33 cap and a vintage CTS 300k volume. I have a few .22's around but I think it sounded best with the .33
    It's got a very hard rosewood face and bright enough for mine and my music.
    Runs a 5 way with a split bucker in the bridge so the combinations are endless. Splitting it uses the front of the bucker on the bridge cept when you pull it out on 5 .. the bridge position. Then it becomes a single on the rear.
    Paint is 2 pac and from a can. Didn't want too much paint, but I wanted a very deep wet gloss look. So I did a 2k clear coat over the top.

    IMAG0720 - Copy. IMAG0727 - Copy. IMG_0086.JPG IMG_0077.JPG IMG_0073.JPG
  2. Awesome work mate you obviously love it
  3. Looks awesome. Congrats.
    I know a guy who builds guitars from scratch and has a good reputation. Amazing the amount of work that goes into them.
  4. Cheers guys.
    Yeah my unit has been trashed for the last two months. The blk and white one I built from parts. Though we reshaped the body a little, well a mate did who is a furniture maker come guitar maker.
    The LP I refinished with Nitro. The strat I used 2 pac and took it back to bare. not sure why.... because i could ??? Nah I wanted the lightest amount of paint on it with the deepest look.
    Cant get over how much better they sound. Price wise Mick's cheaper than Seymour Duncan and way under decent Dimazzio and hand wound to boot. I had SD'd in the LP and while great. His pickups take it off the shelf and make it special if you know what I mean. They really have some soul.
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