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My helmet wont fit underseat in my VS125?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by missmakeupgrrl, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Hi there

    I got the SHOEI Vogue helmet in XS and it doesn't fit in my underseat storage on the VS which i am quite suprised about. Now it possible that im and idiot and there is someway to fit it in, I just didn't want to force anything. Did anyone else have this problem? Did they have to buy a big top box? Any idea's on how much?

  2. You could buy a smaller helmet? :) Sledge hammer your head to get that smaller too :p

    But seriously, have you tried fitting it in with different configurations, back to front, etc.?
  3. I did try a few different things - but it was at night only in the light of my outdoor lights and I think it'd be worth trying in the day light. As pretty as my helmet is, I dont want to carry it everywhere!
  4. welcome to riding :roll:
  5. I dont know about the VS, but motorbikes and many scoots have these little tabs or hooks under the seat where you can hang your helmet through the DD rings and the rest of the helmet hangs outside the bike, then you put the seat back down and that locks your helmet to the bike. Its not ideal in terms of security but it does work.

    Only other option is a top box.
  6. top box or a cable or your hand.
    not maby scooters let you put a helmet in the storage area but they are getting better.
    new X7 fits some and the MP3 just if you hold your tounge right :grin:
  7. I've got a Nolan N102 flip face helmet (medium) which I thought would be small enough to fit into the underseat compartment of my VS125. Alas, it doesn't despite trying different positions. Sometimes, it just wasn't meant to be....so I bought a Givi topbox (Flow 35L) which was around $244 fitted. This is what mine looks like from BikeBiz (I have the unpainted one, which is just plain matt black):

    There are cheaper topboxes like RJays like this one from MCAS:


    Don't know about fitting though....you could take your helmet and try different size topboxes.

    I like my Givi because it's removable from the rack and I can take it with me.
  8. Those underseat helmet storage areas on scooters are often really designed to fit open face helmets so it is quite common to find that your full-face is too large. Also, some helmets are bigger than others, so it is quite possible that one model will fit but yours won't... it's just the way it is.

    You just need a top box that will be large enough, or go shopping for a smaller helmet - one you can try to fit on your scoot before buying...
  9. Nah its troo you wont fit a flip or full face in under the VS. LOADS of space under there, just wrong shape. I had a top box fitted. If I didnt take my top box I would lug my helmet around like bikers have always done. In My T-Max it looked grim too, till big boy tried putting the helmet in upside down. It worked!! Not sure if you can do that with the VS tho.
  10. or get a PacSafe LidSafe bag - has a liocking system that cable locks the helmet, in the bag, securely to your wheel or whatever, then u hang it on ur handle bar.

    I carry one under my bike seat and on the odd occasion when I park in the city for eg and go shopping or soemthing, I get it out and lock my helmet, neck warmer and gloves any any other loose things I ahve with me inside the helmet, inside the bag :)
  11. remove the all the lippy, hairbrushes, make-up, purse, small fluffy dog, handbag etc...and then try putting in in there again
  12. They should just make helmets optional for scoters. I mean, they're like soooo annoying and scooter riders never have accidents because they travel slower than bikes*
    Besides, it takes up space for my gym gear/man bag.

    *survey taken of 1000 scooter owners.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. realistically, it's meant to go on your head anyway.
  14. Always the comedian, Joel ;)

    Update: Im getting a topbox. Im just poor at the moment coz I can't stop spending money on makeup...oh and a trip to Bhutan.
  15. Yeah, they are really tough to impress over there - you can't show your face on the streets of Thimphu unless it's perfect!
  16. Im actually only to Paro - for a wedding... and I have no idea what correct attire is at a wedding, at high alt in a monastery is going to be.....
  17. is this netrider?
    is this netrider?
    is this netrider?

    Is this a first? talking about make-up on netrider?? :shock: :shock:

    Oh nah... it must have come up in the drag section somewhere......
  18. Have you tried putting it in upside down..

    I know when i had the HD200 a small lid wouldnt fit under either.. :)
  19. It pays to underline things sometimes hey blue14... see page one of thread.... :grin:
  20. Oh....ummm - so I shouldn't post about 'what to do about all the makeup on the inside of the helmet?' :eek:

    Ps. yes, it was tried upside down.