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My helmet wearing in the petrol station incident ! :P

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. This morning before going out on a ride with a few other NR dudes I noticed the car behind me pull up as I was filling up with fuel - it was a hotted up WRX.

    The owner got out and she was of muslim faith wearing a full burkha (spelling?). The complete black veil, even the eyes could not be seen because it had that gauze material over it.

    I thought you beauty!!! - time to have fun with the petrol station attendant ! :p :LOL:

    I made sure she entered the petrol station first, to pay for her fuel.

    I followed her into the petrol station . . . get this . . WITH MY HELMET ON ! :eek: . . . .. :grin:

    I could not believe it but it worked !
    The petrol station attendent asked me to take my helmet off when he served me !!!!

    With a cheeky grin, I pointed out why he didn't ask the chic with the burkha ! . . after a moment of silence, he just repeated the standard line they are told . . . . "Please take your helmet off next time sir !"

    oh man !!
    moments like that I wish I had a video camera !

    Now . . . lets argue the difference between me wearing my helmet, with my visor up, and a chic wearing a full burkha, complete with the eyes blanked out !! :?

    Anyway . . I had my laugh ! :rofl: . . it was pretty funny, the rest of the customers behind me saw my point of view and had a bit of a laugh also.
  2. hahahahahahahaa nice one
  3. How dare you! How dare you compare yourself to that poor Innocent woman. She is just doing what is dictated by her religion where as your a dangerous probable murdering bikie who cant be trusted. You should be arrested and beaten out the back of the local police lockup with phone books (do they still have them?) before being dumped in some alley for not conforming to the service stations policy. :p
  4. Just out of interest....... would you have to wear a burkha AS WELL as a helmet if you rode a motorbike?
  5. That would have beeh worth seeing
  6. Sh1t! You are the funniest person I have EVER heard of. Have you rung Billy Connolly to see if you could do the warm-up stint for him?

    Juvenile d1ck
  7. HAHA good on ya Mick :grin:
    Stupid rule anyway if someone was going to do the wrong thing they would leave their face covered no matter what the robot in the shop says :roll:
  8. :LOL: That would be funny ay... Ive never had the desire to leave my helmet on at a servo but if i wanted to id sure as hell argue the point...

    Good work :)
  9. Just cos you don't get it, no need to be an arsehat.
  10. Oh no...I got it. It just wasn't funny. It was just the usual crap that passes for humour from the same people that whinge about what others do.

    Time to get back on your Across and head out to the carpark to practice u-turns, huh?
  11. I can feel a :blackeye: coming on :popcorn:
  12. Sweet i came back to netrider just in time :p
  13. :evil: :eek: :shock: :roll: :mad: :?
  14. I call bullshit.

    I reckon you're just a bigot using fear and discrimination to "prove" a point.
  15. dude, i was having fun with the petrol station attendent !
    I made sure the other driver was out of the store before i said something.

    Fear and Discrimination ??? to prove a point ?
    . . . did I say something to make you come to this conclusion ??? :?

    So many grumble-bums these days ! :p
    It was a nice sunny saturday morning, a new start to the weekend, the attendent looked like he just worked the night-shift - I thought i'd be funny ! . . . . .

    c'mon, he didn't push the red-button under the table or call the terrorist hot-line ! ;)
  16. In reality no diference BUT were a society that puts up with bull shit from vocal minorities, get used to it, it's life :?
  17. Well done Mickyb V9 for giving the person behind the counter a hard time when its out of their control.
  18. Yer like it's the petrol attendant's fault for doing his job and having to put up with idiots trying to have fun with them.
    It's bad enough some minorities give their brethren a bad name but the same goes when one of ours also gives us a bad name in order to prove a point to someone who in all honesty would not probably give a toss about your point.
    the joke's on you mick no one else.
  19. ...i walked into a station last week complete with helmet, bloke didn't say anything, and actually asked how the ride was :wink: ...i completely missed the (multiple) no-helmet signs on the door, ah well i'm a learner lol :cool:
  20. No argument here, never understood the difference. Oh thats right one is a "religion" and one is a lifestyle choice..............when it all boils down, are they not the same thing in the end??