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My helmet was stolen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cOS, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. crikey, the dilemas and adventures on owning a bike. I planned on watching the movie 'the prestige' at blacktown's biggest screen in australia. its my first time going there on the bike. anyway, on arrival I wasn't sure of where to situate the motorcycle, I was slightly paranoid for some reason. a few rounds of the carpark, I wanted to park in the lit up area on the walk ways around the shopping centre. but I opted for a semi dark area about 5 meters away from the walk way next to some wall. after stopping there, I felt really uncomfortable, the reason being, when people are returning to their cars parked at a distance. they can visually spot the bike. the other side of the wall had a safety potential, but the bike would be hidden. I was half way reversing, but was lazy and labelled myself paranoid. so I dismounted, chucked the gloves in the seat compartment and locked my helmet on the helmet lock. so moving along, on purchasing my movie ticket with a $10 voucher, I was knocked back on the discount and gave into their demands. the movie was long and pretty good. I got pretty encapsulated in lots of things disappearing and appearing. anyhow. I would rate the movie 4 out of 5 stars. so after the movie, walking back to the motorcycle, as I approach into a closer vicinity, paranoia started to settle back in. stepping within the 5 meter radius around the bike, the obstruction started to reveal whether the bike was still there. PHEW! its still there! my heart slowed down abit. ahh, the sweat dried up and I can cancel my booking with the heart surgeon. soo.. by now things are quite ordinary. hang on! heading to the dismount position. looking on the left side of the bike, my helmet is GONE! "OHHHHHHHH!" "MANNNNNN" I didn't really know how to feel. enwrapped in the movie's ideas, I thought it was some sort of magic trick the bike was playing on me. HAHA. I had to check the helmet lock to make sure I wasn't seeing things. reality set in..... I wasn't paranoid afterall. I was in disbelief, the magic trick was too good. I was in a state of dismay, lost in the wilderness. after finding myself, I realise the situation isn't all that bad, the bike was real at least and wasn't illusional. though without a helment, I couldn't saddle the horse. but thats another story for another time.. haha

    so, what have people stolen from your bike?
  2. why didnt you take your helmet in with you, doesnt get in the way if you put it under the seat. well this way you would learn for next time
  3. I never leave my helmet or gloves or anything valuabe with the bike, dunno why you did, especially in Blacktown :roll:
  4. I don't know anything about Blacktown, but +1 on not leaving anything with the bike.
  5. When we go see a movie, we're pretty much fully geard up as the closest is 45 mins away. Everytime without us even asking, staff have always offered for us to leave, helmets, jackets, etc behind the counter.

    As for parking, close as possible to shopping centre doors but out of the way of the foot trafic. That way always seen by everyone, security cameras always hovering on main enterances.
  6. I always try to park near a security camera

    Ive had a fairing stolen from my bike.... very pissed off!
  7. Where do these criminals get the guts to rip a fairing or other component off a bike or car in public?

    My brother in law had his brand new SS Comodore broken into in a supermarket car park, middle of the day. They smashed a rear quarter window to get in, then stripped off the shroud around the ignition, ripped the barrel off and stuck it in the accessory position to wait out the half hour immobilizer cut off.
    Luckily my sister came out and found the car before they could drive off in it, but that means they were still there in the carpark, waiting and watching.
  8. Sad you lost your lid, feller.

    That being said, I wouldn't leave my helmet or other gear with/attached to the bike anywhere, ever....

  9. I used to leave wife No2 with the bike all the time, in the hope that someone would steal her.........nobody ever did, so I ended up losing a fortune on the trade-in.... :(
  10. inci -

    As long as you traded UP, eh?

  11. So what happened? Did the helmet lock not work? I take it nobody took a Stanley knife to the straps?? Or someone has the same key to your helmet lock??
  12. seeing many others use the 'helmet lock', one would assume the helmet is locked :LOL:
  13. they used a screw driver I believe. inserted it inside the hook and twisted the locking device.
  14. Ba$tards. Sorry to hear, just a lesson for us all I guess.
  15. That is for sure. I park there every day. At the moment there are thugs going around slashing tyres, 2 on every car, so there is no way that I would leave my bike there.

    So how'd you get your bike home?
    Cheers LOu
  16. Hi,
    bummer dude,
    I have made the same mistake,
    assumed the helmet lock was stronger than it was,
    lost an AGV helmet,
    taken off my bike in a carpark at night.
    as for getting home,
    jumped on the bike and rode it,
    the plan,
    if I get pulled over,
    tell the cops about the stolen helmet,
    was only doing 40kph on the way home,
    eyes water too much at higher speeds,
    and being night cant see a thing with shades on.
  17. Sad to hear that :(

    Blacktown station is where the rear caliper was stolen from my (disc brake equipped but crappy) mountain bike :?

    I'm so paranoid now (as my car was stolen / stripped from Macquarie Uni) that I refuse to park anywhere that is not highly visible / high traffic.

    My car was probably in the least visible / lowest traffic spot at Uni when it got taken (at night too).

    My rationale is: it might not stop someone absolutely determined to take it / steal from it - but at least it should improve chances of turning them off or them being spotted by that rare person who will yell "Oi!".
  18. Sometimes they steal the helmet to better the chances that the bike will be there when they come back to steal it dude.... hope you got the bike home again