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My helmet speakers/headphone solution

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by philmydang, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Tried posting this in the product review section but apparently did not have privileges.

    I've had the problem that all earphones hurt like buggery under my helmet (that's if i've managed to keep them in place after i've put the lid on)

    So I picked up a pair of these


    Theres a ton of sellers in china flogging them off for as little as 4 dollars (including postage!)

    So i mounted them inside my helmet, and it hurt like hell and the things kept shifting everywhere. I guess my helmet fits very snug (as they should?)

    I've resorted to stripping the headphones down to the speaker unit and wiring. With a bit of craftiness I've managed to insert them inside the foam of my cheekpads pretty much bang on where my ears are AND tuck the wiring away neatly such that i have only one cord coming out of the right side. Reaches nicely into my jacket pocket and lets me listen to my ipod/gps.

    Feels like nothing is there (except a helmet)

    Sound quality?
    GOOD! - obviously not noise reducing stuff that the pro's use, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality I got from these cheapies. There was no distortion/crackling, and the volume was just right - enough for me to enjoy my music but still able to hear what's going on around me.

    The only problem I can forsee is that the wiring of these el cheapo headphones have a tendency to fray and leave you with sound coming from one side only. Hasn't happened yet though.

    For 5 bucks and abit of sticky tape, I think I win.


  2. Interesting; obviously you wouldn't be able to manipulate the volume controller with gloves on....

    I've resorted to normal ear-buds with the tiniest rubber cushions, but I'm still conscious of them being there, and still not convinced about music while I ride (been doing music while I DRIVE for decades :LOL:).
  3. macholegion, build me a helmet with a stereo system built into it ?
  4. Tried a nasty expensive four way radio bike -> bike system, and the ear bits were like manhole covers. Had a dream since my early teens of riding with good music going on, but real life didn't quite measure up. And I found I can kinda talk and ride, but both suffer a bit. It's not something I'm going to do again.
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  6. and i want a big ass dial on the top that goes up to eleven :grin:
  7. Actually I found that the volume controller is workable with gloves - though I'd rather not be fiddling with it whilst i'm riding

  8. why only eleven ?

    I will graft in a bmw 5 series rotary dial controller into the chin bar :)

  9. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Motorcycle-He...item4aa496d6a4
    I have those in my lid..they came with velcro dots to hold them in place. My HJC has deep enough ear wells to fit the speakers without them squishing ya buccaneers.The liner in my lid comes out so hiding the wires was a snap, I have the cord exit just over my left shoulder.
    Mine were 5 bucks from China,they have been in my lid for two months exposed to all sorts of weather. The right phone crackles a lil when you increase the volume but not during play.
    When they fail I'll grab another set the same.
  10. Just installed a Scala rider G4 onto my helmet... velcro backed slim line speakers... I'm impressed with the sound quality. - ok, so nowhere near in-ear bud/phones type quality , but very listenable!
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