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My helmet is having an identity crisis!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. So I took the young bloke for a ride this afternoon, and we ended up at Felix's house (of Takamii/RHOK/Sophie the CBR fame...).
    Sophie the CBR wasn't actually there, but his somewhat hot neighbour was; that's a story for another time...

    After a coffee and a chat we left to blast the airport tunnel, since the young bloke hadn't yet had the pleasure...
    About halfway along the Grand Parade the pillion starts laughing, then taps me on the shoulder...
    "Hey Dad, there's a RHOK sticker on the back of your helmet!"
    Cue much laughter - that cheeky bugger Felix had attacked my helmet while I wasn't looking!
    So we get home and the young bloke takes his lid off - I almost fell over laughing...
    "Hey dude, he got you too!"

    I'm leaving it on there - like everything else he does Felix actually aligned them perfectly, and they look like they belong there.
    And besides, how many people are riding around in a "RHOK Fireshark"?!!
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  2. Haha nice work
    I was riding around with a ICON Tyranny "RHOK" Alliance for a while but I thought it would be a bit disrespectful to the other line of Takamiis helmets.

    Story reminded me of dudes where's my car where they wake up with tattoos.
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  3. Bwaahahahaha!! missingteeth.

    That does look like it belongs there! Quite an improvement!!
    Gonna go inspect my bike in case he did the same inconspicuously somewhere.. Wait.. the Jacket.. ah that's safe. Helmets already a RHOK.

    Kudos Felix! noice one! (y)
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  4. Hahahah the mad scientist strikes AGAIN

    Here is one he prepared earlier

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  5. haha. I picked up this excellent RHOK helmet from Aldi - only $79!

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