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My heart says m50, my head says V Strom

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Rocket01, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. I have narrowed my new bike decision to 2 bikes after doing allot of research and thinking over last 6mths. The problem is they are 2 completely different style of bikes. My head says V Strom 650, it ticks all the boxes and then some. I have actually test rode this bike too. If falls short on the looks department though. The m50 on the other hand is one beautiful bike, but lets face it, it won't handle aswell and it would be hard to beat the comfort of the DL650. So do I marry the plane jane that will never let me down but may leave me yearning for more. Or do I get hitched to the sexy m50 who I might end up despising due to cruiser limitations? It is all well and good go with what feels the best, but I am divided and besides they both feel funny to me until I get used to them because I am used to the sports bikes.

  2. If you let logic rule your decision then you would buy a car.

    Buy the M50, accept it's limitation in corners, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
  3. But it would be illogical to buy a car! :?

    What are you using it for? Commuting, long distance rides, in the hills, city riding? That will answer your question. If you are doing all of the above then which will you do the most?
  4. Looks are subjective - and you'll learn to love what that shape does when you're on top of it. The cruiser will get you more attention from other people, but the wee-strom is a kickass bike, great fun to ride, super comfy, huge range, very few limitations to what it can handle - probably the most practical and useable machine around for Aussie road conditions.

    I'd view the cruiser as arse jewellery and the strom as a gateway to all sorts of riding experiences that the cruiser just wouldn't cope with. No contest in my view, if I had to pick a bike to go around Aus on it'd be the wee-strom.
  5. I agree with you Loz, and am leaning towards the strom. Its a hard one. I suppose there are worse problems then liking 2 bikes and having enough money to buy one of them new. In answer to your question freddy, will be doing all of the above but realistically alot of commuting will be involved in that equation.
  6. Yeah do it mate, get the bike that will beg to be ridden rain or shine, dirt, gravel, mud or bitumen. You don't have to look at it when you're riding, that's somebody else's peroblem.
  7. Then a big thumbs up for the strom. I've got the litre version and it is by far and away the best commuter I've ever had (out of the half dozen I've owned).

    IMHO you can't go wrong with the 650, it has the sweetest motor and can be ridden all day long, and the looks grow on you (a little bit anyway).
  8. Try the SV650S, its not ultra sporty which looks like what you want. Same engine as DL, but looks 10x better, handles alot better, isn't as boring, weighs alot less, doesn't have annoying freeway windblast. However of course it has around 4-5L less fuel than the DL so isn't a 'never stop all day tourer', and the DL is certainly better offroad..

    Yeah, just try the sv.
  9. the dl and sv share the same block but that's it, i believe the 650 is the same as the 1000's where they have changed cranks and most of the internals and if that's the case i can tell you they aren't the same motor, they don't perform the same and don't feel the same (i road my sv back to back with a dl1000 and they aren't alike.

    Back on topic, and i can't see where the decision is......dl all the way....or can't you buy both s/h...that way your missus and you can ride at the same time :wink:
  10. It all comes down to what sort of riding you want to do. But if you want a bike that'll tour all day long, handle the twisties, commute with ease, allow you to turn down that dirt road instead of riding past it then get the weestrom.
  11. I guess it comes down to, do you want to ride it or look at it?

    As Loz pointed out you can take it pretty much anywhere, in fact there's a series of articles in Two Wheels that has some modified DL650's taken to very remote parts of our fine country.

    A bike with so much potential on the happy side of ten biggun's... Thanks Mr Suzuki. I look forward to having one in my garage within the next couple of years.
  12. given that I pick up my K9 Wee on Saturday - you know what I think
  13. Thanks for the input guys, the dl650 is a great bike, its funny everyone agrees how good the bike is but very few own one. deserves to sell better, guess it goes back to the looks thing.
  14. It was number one seller for a few years and am somewhat surprised that KLR650 now outsells it (IMHO an average bike at best) whereas the Strom does it all pretty comfortably

    http://www.fcai.com.au/library/PRcomparison Top 10 Report Oct 08.pdf

    Search for Gegvasco's trips on here and advrider has heaps of Strom's going crazy places.

    And how old are you? Unless you qualify for senior Ulysses membership, you got plenty of time for a Cruiser :wink:
  15. Should have asked this question on the m50 forums for an equally biased view.
  16. Just a thought but possible reasons for the Vstom not selling as well as last year are that;
    * people are holding onto their money in the current economic crisis
    * perhaps people don't want to upgrade or sell their DL's so quickly

    I must say though, the M50 certainly is a head turner and frightens small children quite easily, sounds good too.

    An M50 isn't cheap to buy so I'm guessing that fuel costs are not a big factor for you??
  17. Why? The OP didn't go to a Vstrom forum to ask the original question.
  18. Did you click on the FCAI link?

    There have actually been more 650 Stroms sold this year :wink: (ABS and non-ABS models listed separately)
  19. That doesn't explain why one particular bike now outsells another.
  20. Toecutter, you are correct. I read that FCAI and was looking at the non-ABS model DL650 sales instead of adding in the ABS model as well.
    Well the KLR is made for off road, more so than the DL. Maybe that FCAI link reflects people's tastes for dedicated off roading.