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MY head gets blown around going over 80kmph if it's windy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HB, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I'm a short, light framed person (152cm & around 50kg) and find that when I am on an open stretch of road travelling over 80kmph and it's a bit windy I have a bit of a struggle to stop my head getting blown around.

    Is it my riding position - I'm reasonably upright cos I'm on a cruiser
    Is my helmet too heavy - would I have less problem with a lighter helmet?

    If I look back to check before changing lanes, it takes quite a bit of effort to turn back ahead.

  2. try a screen it may help
  3. big windshield
  4. Do you have a windscreen? It's a Virago right?

    The weight of the helmet is unlikely to impact it, the aerodynamic qualities may, but in the end heads are a pretty standard shape and given you need to turn your head at speed sometimes it's best not to wear a giant weathervane. (This is the effect you're feeling as you try to turn your head back)
  5. Big windshields (especially handlebar mounted) on small bikes are a far greater problem on a windy day than a bit of helmet buffet.

    I have two observations, and they seem to conflict, so, sorry about that.
    1 - Get used to it. Goes with the territory.
    2 - If you duck your head forward as if you intend to head-butt the wind, and then rotate it to the side and peer over your shoulder, that helps. If you just sit upright and turn around, it can drag you around more. Of course your view isn't as good when you do it that way, but it's better than having your head ripped around.
  6. Kneedragon hit the nail on the head, I had a cruiser xvs650, had a shield, nothin huge, bar mounted, was great with it on, crap with it off, but you DO get used to it, cruisers with screens [da boyz say] are for gurls. If you are finding it dangerous, use a screen!! Ducking into the wind helps too!! Crsuiser are just that, the open experience, watch wild hogs lol
  7. HB, what sort of helmet are you using ... doesn't have a sun visor does it?

  8. Ride at 100 more often. Start with short runs and build ap the time you spend doing it. You're neck muscles are clearly far too weak and you need to build up strength. Once you have a bit more strength in the right muscles you will find it less of an issue.

    Helmet weight has nothig to do with it. The force you are feeling is the wind resistence against the helmet surface area. However, if you have poor muscle development in the neck and shoulders then a lighter helmet would be more comfortable at low speeds.

    If the problem is as bad as it sounds then some time at the gym with a personal trainer and good advice from a qualified Physio and Occupational Therap1st might be worthwhile.

    Mouth, is there something wrong with the auto censor when I can't say the****** (therap1st) without it turning into a row of asterix's?
  9. You're just not used to it. Cagers see a bike ease past them on 4 lane freeway, and the rider appears to be "still"...but actually, their head is sometimes being buffeted, and the bike is moving around underneath them. It's just not too obvious, unless it is unusually extreme.
  10. sorry, but you are a midget and most likely always will be.
    probably not a good idea to ride much faster than that in your case.
    very windy conditions and you might find yourself hanging from a tree or dangling from power lines.
  11. Doesn't have a sun visor.
  12. Thanks kneedragon, I have tried to duck my head a bit an d pretend I'm on a sport bike, helps a little, but as you say lose a bit of vision that way. Maybe I just have to "suck it up princess" and toughen up a bit.
  13. I is a girl!!! - my signature says I am skensis mum, by definition that makes me a girl, even so don't like the look of the screens. Do like the feeling of the wind, except when checking out my rear!!
  14. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=114966

    ^Coincidentally my first post after i got my bike as well, read through it there is some good advice, will save alot of people repeating. Im much bigger but i ride a naked streetfighter so the windguard is my head. Takes some getting used to but i dont even notice it now, great in summer! :).
  15. Wind buffeting has a lot of variables where a lot of things need to be taken into account.
    Rider size, helmet, screens, etc...
    Even found jackets make a difference.
    Have two jackets where jacket shoulders padding are at a slight different hight and that too made a difference.

    This is my case but remember we're all different and trial, error and compromise is where you'll find you're best solution.
    Oh and yes you will have to adapt (just relax) somewhat as you are on a bike not in a car.

    In my case, found less buffetting with no or very low screen, but I was looking at reducing that strong wind off my chest particularly in the cold winter and for long rides to help reduce tiredness, etc..
    So I put a longer touring screen on my bike which removed nearly all the wind of my chest but created a lot of head buffetting.
    It was like someone behind you tapping your head left and right...lol
    I ended up putting a screen spoiler which broke the wind turbulence causing it by around 90%.
    That with ear phones for music has pretty much solved it for me.
    You'll have to work out what's best for you..

    Another thing to learn is how other traffic affects turbulence (technically wind) when sitting certain distances behind and around other moving vehicles..
    On a highway and high speed, as you close into a larger truck from behind, you start getting moved around a bit..
    As you overtake the truck, as soon as you get level with the front, you tend to get pushed away from it sideways....

    Just more to learn and to get used to in you riding life...
  16. I disagree

    A lighter helmet will have you using less neck muscles to start with to deal with the wind buffeting

    I have many customers that can now ride longer periods when touring because they have had neck and shoulder problems and a lighter helmet has now help to alleviate the strain on neck and shoulders
  17. ^Agreed! replace the padded lining inside with weighted lining and see how you go. Weight definitely makes a difference, i noticed it most going from more open faced dirt helmets to road.
  18. Even really little windshields can help, just by directing the air flow. If your little and light, and on a 'light' cruiser (remember, the big boys roam around the 300Kg mark) I would personally avoid a huge shield, or you could end up with a sail.

    On some long runs in high wind I used to tuck in on my previous VL250 cruiser as if it were a sports bike. It can give you relief and I used to laugh my guts out thinking about how I looked :)

    Other then that, make sure you have the front of your helmet pulled down. If it is too high or leant back it wil catch more wind and get pushed up and backwards.
  19. That is certainly an experience the first time it happens!

    You should see me on my VL250! Takamii said a few weeks back that he looked like a gorilla trying to mount a golf ball when riding his R1. If you go by that perspective, I must look like an elephant trying to screw an ant! :D

    A friend of mine’s wife rides a 250 Virago with a small screen on the front. She would only be around 5’ tall and weighs next to nothing. A few weeks ago they were riding along a back road that was predominantly shrouded in bushland on either side when they came across a crossroads. As she was riding past the side road a gust of wind picked her and the bike up and she landed on the the centre concrete medium strip. Scared the living shit out of her! Suffice to say, she is now looking to a bigger bike…
    When she did finally calm down and was able to get back on the bike again, she got donked on the head with a falling tree branch because it was so windy! I’m surprised she ever got back in the saddle after that day!