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My GV250

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by SilverXVS650A, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. My very first road bike after many years on the dirt track.
    I can't really comment on other 250 cruisers but Im quite happy so far with my gv250.
    Ive done 1200kmls and seems to be really opening up now going half throttle.
    But now I must admitt with my experience of riding mainly on dirt I should've gone to a 650.
    Doing my P's in a few weeks time and if all goes well I should be on my full's if they don't hold a suspension of licence for not paying bills over a yr ago.
    Looking at a c50 but if all fails I guess I may have to hold on to my gv or upgrade to a 650.




  2. I like the 'cheese-slicer' wheel spokes :).
  3. Thanks Hornet :grin:
    They are nice looking and very easy to clean :)
    I just hope I get my C50 :roll:
  4. Good luck ... had a GV250 ..it was a great starter cruiser... the 650 is now ride of choice..
  5. Cheers Pkjets
    My brother had same bike as you and they are nice bikes.
    Now all there is left is 04/05 for my P's test then I'll be on my c50 :LOL:
  6. Has anybody tried the GV650 2009 model?
    I have heard they have fixed a few problems that the earlier ones had, just wanting to know if this is true?

    I am in the process of saving for a Triumph Speedmaster however, as I currently ride a 150cc commuter, I am wondering if the GV650 would be a good step up cruiser (also cheaper to replace parts if I drop it than a Triumph) :p
  7. Hi OU818

    Yes they have fixed the problems and my friend has the 650 and it rides very smooth. He has done 10k now and hasn't missed a beat.

    Safe ridring