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My GTI VS Audi S3 Video Review (Top Gear Style:)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. #1 moog, Jul 27, 2008
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    We've just added a GTI and an S3 to our garage, and as long time fans of imports (Silvia, 180SX, and currently GTiR and an S15 on the way) we decided to do a video and see what the Euro fuss is all about.

    Our show is all about modifying your car on the cheap and doing it yourself, but the thing with these cars, is that you really don't need to modify them because 1) they cost SO much for mods and 2) they come from the factory pretty damn good. The S3 s 0-100 in around 5.8 seconds and with a chip it gets down to around 5.3 and that is pretty damn quick!

    So instead we decided to find something particularly european and classy in these two cars, and add that element to another cheap car from the Mighty Mods garage...

    I hope you enjoy - we put a lot of effort into this one. All shot in HD, camera jibs, dolly, crane etc and wrote an original soundtrack.

    This episode shows you how to do a little 'euro' mod to your car. I wonder if someone on here could do the mod to their bike?

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. Nicely done moog, looks like we already have a contender for the 'Aussie' Top Gear. Was very entertaining to watch, 5 stars from me!
  3. Some say he sucks the moisture out of ducks and he always faces magnetic north . . . And he thinks the credit crunch is a type of breakfast cereal. All we know is, he's called the MOOG !


    Nicely done !
  4. HAHA! LOL. Glad you enjoyed it :)
  5. Sensational work again fellers. :)

    Love the micra comments - ill fitting panels?! :LOL:
  6. very very nice movie, love all the streets around pyrmont, i work at Network Ten just up the road so i know them well...

    Let me know when your down there again and ill bring my S4 out to play!
  7. Ha - Mighty Mods Headquaters is just around the corner from you near IGA. Will have to get you over!!
  8. Done deal, the 2.7TT still puts ALOT to shame...

    As a wise man once said

    Driving an S4 is like having a big dick, no one knows you've got it, till you use it....

    Then not much needs to be explained afterwards...

    Thats copyright btw, id have to appear in a vid to say it :p
  9. my friend has a gti, std besides pipes, and it is surprisingly fast, esp midrange rpm. ilove the idea of sticking a turbo for improving power AND economy. I think aLOT more cars should have this done. No side effects are ther . . . ?
    Great car