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My GSXR750K9 mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Jeimbo, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Gday all,

    Been ages since I've been on but have been busy out riding and doing things to the Gixxer. She's 13 months old and is due shortly for the 18,000km service.

    Just had the big ugly heavy collector box replaced with a section of stainless tube by Megacycle in Keysborough. Snappier accel, much better sound and a cleaner look. Doesn't seem to need re-tuning but will reserve judgement til I've ridden in all scenarios incl high rpm.

    It complements the carbon Akrapovic can really well.

    Also replaced the park headlight with blue LED and put a blue LED plate light in the fender eliminator.

    Coming up I want to get Pazzp levers, smoked screen,carbon can hanger so I can ditch the pillion pegs and blue stainless braided brake lines. Got some pics:

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  2. nice, got a pic of the whole bike?
    Does the exhaust backfire as well?
  3. Not being a smartarse here, but just interested in the leaglity of the blue LED lights. Are they legal to have? I have seen a few bikes with them and have often wondered if they were legal or not.
  4. Words of warning:
    1) Blue plate lights are definitely NOT legal. Plate lights must be white and must point downwards.
    2) Keep an eye on your engine temp - a freer exhaust will sound and feel great, but it will possibly lean your air/fuel mix out, causing your engine to run hotter. This can cause serious damage over time. It may also be fine, but keep an eye on it.

    Otherwise, nice bike, and nice can. I love seeing a Zook with something other than a Yoshi muffler hanging off it, and am a bit biased towards the Akras - had one on my old K1 750.
  5. Gday all,

    Yeah I know it's not legal but neither's the exhaust or fender eliminator so it's one of those things that will either arise or it won't.

    It does crackle and pop a bit but depends on how I ride. I found today that if I change gear at 9-10,000rpm, it pops at the change when the throtlle's snapped off. It'll burble and pop on deceleration too.

    It'll get a dyno run by my local guru when it has it's 18,000km service ina coupla weeks so he'll sort the mixtures out. May need a power commander but I'll let him guide me there.

    Here's an older pic of it with an enthusiastic child aboard. The old collector is intact which you can see under the bike. Also a 'touring' pic (very versatile bikes the Gixxers)

    Yeah, Darkhorse,I like the Akras too and was keen on the hexa carbon fibre unit. Saw one for $1200 at Peter Stevens the other day (just the slip-on) but I got mine for $AUD800 delivered from California.

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