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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Conquest, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Hey gang, just thought id post a pic of my lastest addition to the fleet.
    She's a 2006 GSXR1000 (the black one)with all the good stuff and a 197 rwhp.

    It was love at first site


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  2. She's a beauty! Congratulations. :D
  3. I like. 197 is serious horse talk
  4. 197 ponies, what has she had done to her?
  5. nice stealthy looking bike dude.
  6. Nice ride man 

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  7. x2, 197rwhp is a bit of a call to make.
  8. Sweet ride - well done.

    197 horses - how'd you manage that?
  9. Congrats. Very nice ride :D
  10. Nice bike; 197rwhp? Someone's dyno is generous unless your running a blower on your bike.

    A friends 06 gixxer 1k, managed 164rhwp.

    His bike got a full yoshi system, PC3, K&N filter & 520 conversion.
  11. Umm wow. Details my man details!
  12. Looks really nice, i've always had a soft spot for all black bikes.
  13. My 05 1000 tuned by PTR with Yoshi Cam/collet set, high comp, PCIII, Leo Vince WSBK Ti Full system with a few other bits and bobs made 194.8 at the treads........so 197 with the right mods/tuning is not out of the question at all.

    Nice bike anyhow!
  14. Nice k6, huge power! Don't know about the southern cross sticker though....
  15. Well done on the stealth, sexy black look.
    Love Gixxers and the K5/6 Thou's are amongst my most favourite.