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My GS500F

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by BanzaiElise, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. +1 to the Suzuki GS500 brigade.
    My first bike and it is one that should see me through Ls, Ps (fortunately only 1 year) and beyond.
    Some of the dealers are doing really good deals on run-out MY2011 bikes. Too tempting at that price so I decided to buy new. It had 3delivery km on the clock when I rode it out of the dealership.

    Did 100km on it after picking it up yesterday. My riding instructor is leading a group through the Nasho today. If I keep this up it will be ready for the 1000km service next week. :D

  2. Very nice bike!
    It's easy to clock up the km's, I normally do a couple of 80 - 100km rides at the weekends.
    So 5 weeks or so and there is your 1000 !
    Not long.
  3. Good choice of bike to lean on mate although the front OEM suspension has a habit of bottoming out. Other than that they're relatively bullet-proof. Km's clock up quick when your g/friend is at the other end of a motorway. When I had one, I was back after 2 weeks for the first service and 4 months for the 6,000km. Did the remainder of services myself (traded her in around the 24,000km mark) to save some coin :)

    Happy and safe learning!
  4. Thanks guys. 2nd day of ownership and 300km racked up. Even in a bit of rain today it was a pretty easy ride.

    Blaise, have discovered the front bottoming out. I think I'll be ordering a set of springs from Sonic and possibly getting the damper oil changed.

    I noticed a few times today that it didn't kick all the way down to first when pulling up. Instead it went to neutral and I didn't notice until I went to take off. Hopefully that is just a breaking-in thing and/or adjustment at the service.
  5. Consider a set of progressives from Ikon - http://www.ikonsuspension.com/index.shtml
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  7. Had mine for 15 months..
    snowy ride
    Far riders ride (1000k in a day)

    couldn't be happier with it as it never missed a beat..
    Oh and another plus is it's a very good bike to learn self maintenance on...
  8. Bought mine in July and done a shade over 10 thousand on it, good bikes but definitely sort out the front suspension, it makes the bike so much better. Lloyd Penn in Artarmon did it for $385 on my friend's bike (fork oil and spring). Also do a braided front line kit too if you can and see if the pads are in good condition.

    Here's a picture of mine (modifications done by Miraz from this forum who I bought it from):
  9. Congrats on the new bike from another fellow owner.