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My GS500F...in orange?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Tim_4, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. When I read the thread title, I thought "Orange Yuck!"

    But it's actually striking and I kind of like it.....
    I also like bikes that are just one color too.... Elegance of simplicity does it for me.
  2. That bronze/orange looks pretty good..I'd turn the white on the fairings to black or gunmetal and add silver or chrome highlights.
    This is what my daughter did to one of my pix...
    and posted it on facebook :(
  3. haha, that actually looks pretty good.

    And i probably will try that idea

    Unfortunately i dont have any good photoshop program, so used MSPaint and Office Picture Manager viewer to do mine.
    So im interested to know which program your daughter used?
  4. Can we get rainbow colours?

  5. .. Sure, just drop an acid tab!!.... :bolt:
  6. @ Tim4 twas photoshop..you can do some basic stuff in photobucket too , once you have uploaded your pix, you can edit in there.
  7. Try the GIMP, if you haven't already.
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of leather chaps rainbow colours.
  9. ..these look rather fetching!!...[​IMG]

  10. well i did some more. I like the green :D

    original [​IMG] purple [​IMG] pink [​IMG] orange [​IMG] green [​IMG] red [​IMG]

    btw, i downloaded GIMP. Thanks for mentioning it коннор. Its freeware and does pretty much the same as photoshop, bar some more sophisticated editing. Will try to familiarise myself with it soon :)
  11. Found these in the Facebook Suzuki GS500F Riders group.
    I love the simplicity of a single color.
    If I wasn't changing it after restrictions, or in a position to keep two bikes, I'd have it sprayed same color......
    Or I could live with all black too..

  12. haha, that is surprisingly elegant. But white has the problem in that it is easiest to dirty. Although i guess we're not talking about t-shirts here :p
  13. I reckon all black inlcuding pipe and engine casings would look tough.
  14. Actually, its better than freeware. It is 'Free Open Source Software' (FOSS), which means various stuff which probably doesn't matter much to people who would need it explained :p. One of the more relevant things is that many, many people (you could download it yourself, even) look at over the source code (the stuff they make programs out of), which leads to greater stability and makes it extremely hard to slip anything nasty into it.