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My GS500 Story...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pfeff260, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Arvo all,

    So i get my L's (wicked im getting my first bike!), so i go test riding and settle on the GS500 (good choice).

    I buy a brand new 06 GS500E for $7k on road (good deal and im happy when i leave Sydney City Motorcycles)...

    So now that i've had the bike for a month and done 2300kms on it and its had its 1k service its running all well except for the front suspension...

    I can bottom the front shocks going into a driveway or under brakes in traffic with extreme ease...

    So i ring Sydney City Motorcycles... and they go well thats just normal for a GS500... and im like well would that not be a safety issue... i mean like say ur going into a corner and on the brakes then u turnin (off the brakes) and the suspension is sitting at like 1.5cm of travel left and u find a bump in the corner (extremely common on australias awesome roads...) and it then bottoms out... ur left with the rest of the corner + the rest of the bumps and no suspension travel... dangerous if u ask me...

    So following my call to Sydney City Motorcycles, i call Suzuki Australia and get onto the technical department... So a guy answers and tells me that its just a "feature of the GS500", "it's normal, there not meant to be pushed, there a commuter"... So i ask what i can do to stiffen them considering Suzuki has an attitude of "well u spent ur hard earned so we dont care now..." and he says theres not much u can do. I said if i play with them ie. stiffer springs, more oil, heavier oil etc. will it void waranty? "No it shouldnt"...

    So what should i do to make them stiff and safer?
  2. buy a different set of front shocks?
  3. Stiffer springs can be put in. Speak with your local decent service centre.
  4. Google GSTWINS

    All the info you will ever need for your bike :wink:
  5. Yep they are a commuter not a sports bike. Good luck, sounds like a very simple fix by putting in stiffer springs.
  6. I'm not sure that "it's a commuter" is a valid reason for squashy forks. I'm sure even commuters prefer not to smack their visor on the front tyre under gentle deceleration :grin: .
  7. My GS500F, have never come close to bottom out the shocks not once, still quite a bit to go before they do, maybe they are differnet between the E and the F series. done extremly hard breaking almost tossing me over lol, and hitting the gutter, but seems fine, but if you bottom out under breaking, then yes for sure get stiifer spings or new shocks :)
  8. As others have said, get fork springs that are right for you. You might want to consider a fork emulator kit to overcome some shortcomings of damping rods.

    It's not just the forks. You might want to get a GSX-R rear shock, put the right spring, and install it on ya GS because the stock shock is a rubbish.
  9. Well i think they are quite good, but then you ride a GSX-R, i have left mine stock and i love it.
  10. The forks on the F are the same on the E.

    Im only 80kgs so yeh thats y im so pissed about it and im not getting anywhere talking to the "experts"....

    I agree with PatB just because "its a commuter" is no excuse for forks that dive to bottoming out... It still has to cope with normal riding conditions and if it cant then Suzuki should change something...
  11. pfeff260 if its defective can you go to the dealer and ask to see another GS500 to see if the forks are that soft?
  12. Should try a GPX250 :) It will blow your mind. I can almost bottom them out without being on the bike, and without using brakes.
  13. it does sound like they are bad though, Here is a Pic of how far mine have gone. still a bit to go. been a while since i cleaned them lol
    THere are ways to adjust the front shocks, but no idea how. read it when i bought mine

  14. hey pfeff,

    there is some discussion on gs500 suspension here:

    there's a whole archive of gs stuff, apparently its a searchable database. (hope the search works better than the netrider one)

    after a bit of reading it seems it is quite common for the gs to hav squishy shocks. bugger eh. i havent had a prob with mine (im only about 60kgs tho..??).

    post back and let us know what you decide to do to fix the problem.


    EDIT: http://yogi2795.blogspot.com/ this guys blog has a step-by-step fork spring upgrade. (unless paul has hit the nail on the head and yr probs r already solved)
  15. Pfeff,

    I wouldn't say having the forks bottom out with ease under braking is normal feature of the GS. For comparison, I'm quite similar weight to you (77kgs) and my stock '02 model has never bottomed the forks out on sealed roads (massively potholed dirt roads are another matter though :wink: ). Even when practicing emergency braking, the forks don't bottom out.

    As others have said, stiffer springs may be needed. Check how much sag the fork has when you're sitting on it.
  16. hmm, I think you should get them checked by an independent workshop; it's possible the pre-delivery boys have stuffed up and the bike may only have springs and no fork oil :shock:.
  17. Agreed with Sleddog, search for GStwins.

    I saw a cheap way to stiffen the front suspension, which involved cutting a small piece of polypipe and dropping it on top of the spring.

    They have a good diagram, so you can't really go wrong if you're not looking to spend much money.

    I think it may have been on the wiki page.
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  19. whoa...

    you buy a new bike, and you have this sort of issue...

    imagine me on it then...140kgs, the shocks will be bottomed out full-time just like a decked out P-Plate holden gemini with cut springs :p