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"My greed has ruined me; who can I blame?"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Actor Nicolas Cage is blaming his former business manager for his current financial plight, stating that he, among other things, was guilty of "over-extending (Cage's) line of credit with banks and financial institutions.''

    Let me get this straight; this guy went out and extended Cage's line of credit, because he wanted to, or because Cage wanted him to?

    Cage revealed earlier this year that he was selling off his castle in Bavaria, southern Germany, due to financial pressures.

    boo-hoo, poor diddums :LOL:


  2. Have a heart.

    Where's the poor guy going to play knights and dragons now?

    He might even have to make do with a faux castle in LA.

    Poor guy.

  3. Presumably he spent all his money reversing that ghastly dental job he had a few years ago ..... did anyone notice his teeth in National Treasure? Those were a scary set of choppers! :eek:
  4. his hair, or wig, much like his roles just keep getting worse.

    devils advocate:
    i'd guess a lot of these stars leave it up to their financial aids to sort stuff out. as long as they can spend, who cares much about the fine print. well, until it's too late...
  5. I can't see Cage saying anything that would provoke hornets post. These people finances are like that of corporations and this guy was employed to manage them which he obviously failed to do properly, and for that in the US you sue...

    If Cage wants more money, then really he should make better films... For some reason I always liked Cage but he does make some shit (You can't rely on Leaving Las Vegas forever...)
  6. :roll:

    If you read the news article, Cage said nothing at all

    That's irrelevant to my stating an opinion, as it is to you, or anyone else...

    you try too hard, really :roll:
  7. Because Hornet you haven't stated an opinion...

    All you've done is picked an article about someone who doesn't fit into your petty world view, and belittled him.

    Don't see any opinion there just the rantings of a petty little man...
  8. yawn, see my comment above, you've just proven exactly what I've said, you try too hard

    go and have a coffee or a good lie down
  9. You both have a point.

    Hornet, you're becoming cantankerous, which really doesn't befit you.

    If Cage had just deposited his earnings into a normal bank account, he'd have ten's of millions of US$ in there. But that would mean exposing his income to tax and that seems to be something the uber wealthy are averse to paying. So they employ accountants to structure their finances to minimise (or nullify) their tax liability. They set up complicated corporate structures, obscure their real income, borrow money and do anything they can to effectively reduce their tax bills to zero.
  10. exactly, and then complain when they get found out :LOL:

    As for cantankerous, I just tire easily of people who's only function seems to be to find something I said and try and belittle me for saying it.
  11. I know, but sometimes it would help if you would weigh in, add some thoughts, explain why you wrote what you wrote, rather than just dismiss the others viewpoint.
  12. Actually I try to ignore most of what you say, but sometimes it is either so petty or downright bigoted that I break my own rules and post...

    My bad for posting really, lack of self control.
  13. it's an internet discussion forum, it's premise is the interplay between people's opinions, I'm sure you'll find that I have agreed with many things you've posted and vice versa. as for bigoted, well, that's just a problem that you have to find an insult because I don't agree with you.

    cejay, I posted the thread with a clear stament of my opinion; that the troubles were of his making but now he's trying to shift the blame; how is that NOT "adding some thoughts and explaining what I wrote"?
  14. With your newspaper quotes removed, this is what you wrote:

    Not a huge lot of adding their Paul. 'Boo-hoo, poor diddums', followed by your laughing out loud doesn't really say or add a lot. All you've done their is show your contempt for the man, but without explaining why. Your further contributions were exchanges with Stigger. Hardly adding.

    Whatever, it seems to be what you do when you're bored. Throw a hand grenade, add a dismissive line, argue with Smee or Russ and then depart off to another thread.
  15. Some of your stuff is thought out that's probably where occasionally and just occasionally we agree.

    But a lot of other stuff comes from another place, a nasty petty little place and that's where the bigotry shows.
  16. I think you're looking for a misunderstanding where none exists.

    All you've done their is show your contempt for the man, but without explaining why Everyone else who followed my original post knew exactly what I was saying, and why, and agreed with it. You must be the only person who can't.

    What more can I add after I've said what I said; the guy got greedy, things came undone and now he wants to blame someone else for it? Standard American Dream, really.

    Stigger, i'm not bound by your rules of what is 'well thought out' any more than you are by mine. Obviously if you don't like what I post, that's your problem. As you've already claimed, you ignore my stuff. My recommendation is that you continue to do so.
  17. Firstly - why is it greed to employ someone to manage your income and investments? Secondly why is it the "Standard American Dream"?

    Do you even think about what you're writing sometimes? All I read from your post is that you just want to bring down the big highly paid American actor, and that you are gloating at his difficulties.

    So the guy gets paid more than you. So what. He also gives up any semblance of a private life in doing so. He ends up with people like you the world over laughing at him any time he trips. You however - if the ATO comes and tells you that you owe extra $$$ for a given year, the only person that knows is you and you aren't ridiculed the world over.

    If I earned the amount of money he did I'd be paying someone to manage it too. Handing it over to someone you are then reliant on them keeping you properly informed and, you'd hope, making sensible decisions on your behalf. That's not an "American Dream". If they mismanaged your money, didn't pay your bills, left you in a mess then why wouldn't you sue them to recover costs? If my accountant fleeced me and left me in trouble with the ATO I'd be taking him to court too.

    Is greed a factor here? Is it really Cage's fault and he should suck it up? Or has he paid a professional to manage his affairs and they've taken him for a ride and left him in a bad position?

    We know little about the situation other than what the media present. Laughing about it and calling him greedy and indicating that he deserves it is akin to laughing about a media report of a motorcycle accident and saying they deserved to crash because, being a motorcyclist, they were obviously a reckless hoon endangering the public anyway. Sheer speculation and not what I'd call a good Christian attitude.
  18. He tried to get smart and ended up taking one in the arse, life is like that sometimes but hey there is always someone else to blame.
  19. BlueS, I can't see why you're so steamed up about this. There's no assumption; the advisor extended Cage's line of credit. Why would he do this? So Cage could spend more money. Now he owes more than he can pay, he wants the advisor to take a bullet for him. He probably will claim, as some have here, on his behalf, that he didn't know what the advisor was doing. That smacks of the Hermann Goering defence, but even if it's true, he certainly WOULD know what he did with the extra money.

    As for "The American Dream", I was simply referring to the oft-observed practice of our US brethren of stuffing up and then suing someone.
  20. Not even slightly steamed mate :LOL: I just don't understand the accusations of greed and the joy at his predicament. As I said, we know little about the predicament other than the little reported. Who knows how much he understood about his financial state? No doubt he knows about how much he gets paid per picture. How is his spending managed? Does he have cash or is everything tied up in investments by his financial manager thereby needing a line of credit in order to spend? I can speculate that he knew bugger all, you can speculate that he knew everything - either way it is speculation.

    Yes the Americans love to sue, but I don't think you can throw off in the snide way you have without knowing anything but what you've read in a "news" article. He may well be entirely justified taking the guy to court.