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My Great Ocean Road Ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jamesthewonderful, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. #1 jamesthewonderful, Dec 11, 2009
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  2. I was just waiting for that L plate to fall off the first half of the video!

    Looks like you had fun:)
  3. Looks awesome! When's the best time of year for an awesome ride and spectacular views? Around now?
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    A Bit slow - [URL="]have a look at this one that I made last Sunday[/URL]

    Great ride though.....
  5. bit of hoonage in that clip john.
  6. Not by me.

    The clip has been sped up by 500%. For the whole trip I was riding mostly at the speed limit. You will note that I was passed by some bikes a couple of times and that most of the time I am stuck behind a car. Was happy to sit behind cars most of the time unless they pulled over to let me pass - and even then it was because they were cruising at 60 kph.

    The original video duration was 58 mins - I compressed that down to just below 10 and edited out a few minutes of boring straight stuff/

    But, it does look that way..... Don't you love a fast motion video.
  7. i was referring to some of the "overtaking" Manouvers.
  8. Were you referring to me, or the other bikes on the road?

    I didn't put myself in any danger at any time. Remember - the video is sped up by 500% - just in case you think you have a case against me.....:p
  9. 0.38 0.42 0.59 1.15 2.05 , although for the latter I am sure the ride was before the overtaking on a single line rule change ;)

    just quickly. Still though looked like a good ride, certainly a great day for it.

    and yes those other bikes looked like they were going hell quick.