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My GPX250 - "Grace"

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Samboss260, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Probably about time that I created one of these threads in here. I have several threads in the New Rider section where I have jotted posts about my experience as a new rider.

    Anyway, here she is.... "Grace".
    2007 Kawasaki GPX 250.
    19,500 kms on her when I bought her, and I purchased her from Springwood Suzuki.
    Runs great and is a very clean bike.

    I love the weight and the seat height, as this is giving me great confidence on the road learning.

    Plans are that I want to put a clear screen on her, as I think it will smarten the front look greatly.


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  2. i would remove the terrible flame vinyl graphics and keep the screen. Nice bike though, GPX does well.
  3. Exactly the same colour scheme as mine, though can't say I've ever thought it would look better with a clear screen (if anything I'd prefer something darker).

    I'd hold off spending too much money on cosmetic changes. Save it for when you get a bit more competent on the bike and realise just how appalingly bad the factory suspension is on a GPX (in particular the ridiculously soft front springs).
  4. They area good bike to hone your skills on for sure. JD is right about the front springs, they probably can be stiffened up but not worth it for me, I intend to see out the next few months and get something a bit bigger.
  5. Front springs can be stiffened with spacers, but far better to just buy new ones with the spring rate you need. I bought mine from here:
    Edit: Oh and they also have a calculator to work out what spring rate you need (based on weight and riding style)
  6. That's good advice, checked out the site , just wonder what the standard rate is to compare.
  7. Pretty sure it's just 0.44kg/mm. Great for doing 40kph or less around Asian cities, but not so great here.

    Edit: Oh and they also suggest not only increasing the weight of oil, but also the volume (increases dampening by reducing the volume of incompressable air in the forks).
  8. Congratulations on the purchase. However I must ask. Do you like the design of the bike? Is it something you were looking for?
  9. Ok, then even 0.7 which appears to be their lowest, is quite a difference.
  10. I don't mind it. Not a fan of the flames, but the height and weight are great for me. And it's clean, shiny and is very forgiving to learn on.

    So yes, I guess I like it as I wanted a semi or fully faired bike.
  11. I agree. Like, I believe the styling does look 'older'... But it's starting to grow on me :p I've decided I'm just going to ride mine like she is and spend money on the upgrade of a new bike, that I'll have for a long time (I hope) :p Don't see much point in doing up something for a few months... In my opinion anyway.
  12. When I was looking out for my first bike, I did consider the GPX. Didn't quite like the "older" styling though. So, I went with a Spada. Hmm, although the GPX can be easily modernised on the cheap by ripping off the fairings, and chucking in a pot light. However, I'm partial to nakeds :p
  13. Yeah, I know what you mean. I didn't really like the older fairing when I bought it. Well, no, I didn't mind it. But I wasn't exploding large amounts of body fluids, so to speak. The main reason I bought it was for the engine... And I'm glad I did. It'll do me well until I can upgrade... Which is the main reason I didn't mind riding it for a year. And now the look is growing on me anyway :p
  14. I can't see how anyone could not like the styling, especially given it's derived from one of the great Japanese bikes:
  15. I think it looks retro cool.
  16. I miss my gpx :( It's an awesome first bike.
    Must say, my 1990 looked identical to an 07, but why mess with a good thing?
  17. You know, I had heaps of comments initially from "wanna be boy racer" friends that were saying it looks old and daggy. But as Kroll mentioned, it has really grown on me and I now love it. Initially I loved it because it was my first bike, but now I do love the red beast that she is. The only things I would change are the screen for a clear one, it it will only cost $80 (that is only a night out on the pi55) and if I had to, get rid of the flames. But in doing that, I would lose some of its originality when I go to onsell. So for now, it stays and I love her !
  18. "Grace", huh?
    Cos you know what happened to the owner of this one, right?
  19. Nah..... Grace was my mum's middle name. She passed away last year, and I just saw it fitting to name the bike Grace or Gracie as I like to call her.

    But yes, I do recall what happened ........"Zed's dead....."
  20. Well geez, don't I feel bad now...
    Sorry Samboss, I had no idea.