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My GPX won't start

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Shakows, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. My 98 Kawasaki GPX appears to have died last week :(

    Was riding along doing about 60 in 2nd and the bike lost power, slowed to about 30 and then stopped. From then on it has refused to start.
    Pressing the start button, just results in a loud click.
    Tried to push/rolling start but it still won't start

    I had it serviced about 7 months ago and have done about 2500km since then

    If its not battery/power related, and worse case scenario something has happened to engine, does any body have any idea what is wrong and what it might cost to fix?

    I dropped it off at a mechanics last week and am hoping someone could give me some idea what I am in for :(
  2. out of petrol?
  3. Could be a range of things, but a loud click when you hit the starter, suggests something like a seized engine, broken crank etc.\

    If it were just out of fuel, it would crank over, just not start
  4. So, when you try a roll start, does the engine spin over, or does it lock up the rear wheel? Can you hear the engine "motoring" when it is rolling in gear, or are there mechanical noises coming from the engine?
    The way it died, and now just clicks, sounds like an electrical failure of some sort, maybe a heavy cable, maybe an earth problem or a battery cell or cells has died.
    Get the battery charged up and try it again, and get back to us.
    Oh, I see it's at a mechanics, no point in trying to diagnose it then :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Thanks for the quick response Tweet

    I only have 6 months to go before I become unrestricted
    I am hoping its not 2 expensive otherwise I might have to give up riding till I get my blacks
  6. Thanks Typhoon, it didnt seem to do much when I tried to rolling start it.
    I grab the clutch and let go and the bike just slows down

    I should know early next week what is wrong, just want to be prepared and get some idea of how bad it could be
  7. Well that means its not seized. Thank goodness. cause a seized motor is a throw away.

    Maybe the electrics are fried, maybe ignition is stuffed, coils etc.
  8. Click is usually the battery power is insufficient. Happens in bikes as well as cars.

    -- V