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My GOR run yesterday

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. My employer sent me out to do some site audits over the last two days which involved driving over to Nelson (Vic/SA border on the coast) and then in theory back down the Great Ocean Road visiting a few sites along the way.

    Well it was all going along swimmingly up til Yuulong when I drove past a BMW M3 lookalike being hauled up onto a tilt tray after finding a tree or something in it's way.

    Then just before Laver's Hill I found the dust settling from this




    Turns out a newly wed couple from Hong Kong had rented a car for the day to do the tourist thing and came unstuck on one of the bends after over correcting when she dropped a wheel onto the gravel. Luckily the guard rail did it's job but it had so much potential to be much worse especially if someone had been coming the other way (like me, lucky I was held up by a tourist a little earlier or I might've been in the middle of it).

    I did the right thing and called the law & towies in. The Police took around 15 minutes to arrive but the local tow truck was already busy with the afore mentioned BMW so another was sent which took nearly 1.5 hours to arrange & arrive. I then drove the now carless couple back to Melbourne cutting my GOR run short by shortcutting over to Colac :cry:

    Oh well at least I got my good deed quota up early this month and I'll just have to come back for a day trip to finish off the sites I didn't get too yesterday :wink:

    I got a call from them this morning and after filling out the accident form at the rental company they were heading towards Vic Market but are both fine with no injuries to worry about.

    Be careful over Easter guys it's so easy to come unstuck out there.

  2. {______________________________________________________________}

    The above space is dedicated to what Ktulu very much wanted to write before thinking better of it & restraining himself.
  3. Lavers hill strikes again... diesel for me... and wink wink, an overcorrecting honeymooning wife for them...
  4. Hope she didn't chip a tooth... :wink:
  5. No diesel involved in this one. I checked out the crash scene carefully myself and watched the police officer pace through it and we both came to the same conclusion in that wheel off the road, over corrected (front wheel drive didn't help) and turned it into the guard rail on opposite side. You could see the marks in the gravel verge. Very lucky no one was going the other way at the time and looking at the rotted condition of the guardrail posts lucky they held up as well as they did.
  6. that looks like a front wheel drive model. lucky asians.
  7. I feel that my wife overcorrects me :shock: