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My Good News

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. As the heading says , I have finally cracked it .
    I am now a offical "NOM" (nominee) in the PatriotsMC
    Yesterday I was given my Nominees patch and at the completion of my time and Dutys and if I am excepted by the Board I will then be given my Club Patch .

    I have to buy a leather Vest to place it on , but i have layed them on the jacket just so you can see it.

    Nominee patch

    Nominee patch 2

    There is only two road bikes in the Melbourne Chapter
    a GSXF ? 1000 and the VTR of Mine .
    The rest are all harleys , and Vulcans.
    We went for a ride yesterday and one member got their full patch and 2 Nominees got ours .

    So if you see a hoard of harleys growling up the road and a VTR in the mix waive as it is me
  2. Congratulations.....

    Um, forgive my ignorance, but why is it good?
  3. Well mate, if that's what floats yer boat.. then bloody goodonya!!

    Whats' these "duties" you gotta do? drive the ute for the when the harleys break down? Run the mini bar?

    Please don't tell me you have to be the "biatch" for a year :shock:

  4. Sorry im a little uneducated in the way of motorcycle clubs. But what exactly are the benefits of being in this club and what are your dutys?

    A little on the background and future aims of this club would be enlightening if you have the time to go through it...

    Sorry im oblivious to what exactly this means?
  5. so glen who put the patchs on your jacket. i am thinking Nicky
  6. Ahh cheers for that. No for me though, i spend my time trying to forget im in the defence force!
  7. good on ya glen :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Hope you acheive your goals to become a member of them :D :D
  8. Craig, nicky doesnt sew so you know who's going to have to sew them on :wink:
    Nah , none of that .
    During the Nom period there is a list of things that you need to attend and do , but once you have finished it and you get your patch then it like been in a normal club .
    Mateship , intrest in bikes , also the links that everyone is still serving or has served and last of all its about riding .

    you also get invited to other clubs functions
    last month was the opening of the RebelsMC club house
    and last week was a function at Vigilante's MC at there club house as well
    The Patriots get on well with all the other clubs and they also do there charity work as a few of the netriders met them last year for the Christmas Angels ride which they have been doing for 5 years now and others have met differant members when they drop into coffee night (last friday there was 2 of the blokes skinner and stevo)

    Anyway I am looking forward to it .
  9. Congrats mate. wooo hooo

    :D :D
  10. Good one, Glen! \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

    Although - about that "list of things that you need to attend and do"...

    Oy, Roberts! Don't stop now, you've 37 more Harleys to wash. Put your back into it!!!
  11. Goodonyamate,

    Being an "ex" myself I know what it means. Maybe they will accept me when my baby "Z" finally grows into at least 955cc of Trumpy, and no bike jokes, I bloody like Trumpies.

    "Per Ardua Ad Astra"
  12. Congratulations Glen :) .

    On a lighter note, was one of the requirements for entry that you had to sell the Across? :p :LOL:
  13. Well done young man. The Patriots have a pretty good rep all around the country.
  14. I am surprised that the Patriots would have anything to do with those other scumbag lowlife groups!!! :shock:
  15. There just invites , if you choose to go if not you dont have too , same as the hells angels annual poker run .
    people tend to steer clear of them but then attend the poker run and find that it is a great day out and get to see the other side of riding (club style).
    It isnt for everyone , but its worth a look.
    How about when the hells angels next poker run comes up we all get a group together and go , you will have a blast :D
  16. that part still bothers me if the GSX750F and your VTR are the only road bikes then does that make the Harleys and Vulcans "Dirt" bikes and if so have you told the club this?
  17. Thanks Glen, but as you can tell from my last post, the last place I would ever be seen at, would be in the midst of those mindless morons called "Hells Angels"
    But I hope you have a lot of fun and success with the Patriots. I am sure they are a totally different group from the other patched clubs that require you undergo a labotomy prior to acceptance. :)
  18. not a hope in hell :LOL: