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My god its cold - Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tail end charlie, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Rode in to work today at 6am. Bloody cold, talk about freeze your goolys off, weather bureau says it was 3 degrees. Still great fun on the monash.

    Does this make me stupid, dedicated or just plain crazy.?
  2. Heh, I ride at 6am every bloody day, in just my leather jacket and jeans! Argh!
  3. It makes you a bike rider. :)
    There's a few of us that commute up and down the monash every day.
  4. All the above :p

    I ride in every weekday along the Western to St. Kilda at about 6:30, and after the 45min it takes to get to work I can't feel my fingers! The rest of me is rugged up, but I'm now seriously considering heated handgrips!
  5. I'm with you guys, I leave home around 6:00am and my wife looks at me like I'm stupid, I arrive at work around 6:30 and my work mates look at me like I'm stupid, but riding home on a clear night, filtering through the mess, and leaving the traffic behind me ........ I know it's not me that's the stupid one... :grin:
  6. Yesterday was apparently the coldest Sydney day for 20 years, just 12 degrees!!!

    {ah the joys of the company car.....}
  7. One Word, Brisbane...

    Actually, it has been reasonably chilly, thought about getting the winter gloves out the other day... :p
  8. Got down to as low as -3C in Shepparton according to the BoM. Heck, it was apparantly warmer up on Mt Hotham than down in the Goulburn Valley last night.

    Definitely the coldest night of the winter this year.
  9. This winter has been absolutely vicious - the last few years have been very mild but we've had freezing temps in Melb.

    It's funny, my tyres can't warm up so my first couple of wheelies of a morning turn into mini rolling burnouts.
  10. Something similar happened in Melbourne, coldest (June?) day for ages I recall hearing last night.
  11. It was 1 degree when I left Croydon yesterday for my ride to work to South Melbourne, the ice kept forming on my helmet visor! Every set of lights (for once I tried to catch the red ones :wink: ) I would cuddle my engine to warm my fingers.
  12. Try living and riding in tassie 130 kms each way every day through fog as thick as the preverbial blanket and all of that just to go to school. I remember getting to college one morning and hearing on the radio that it was -2 at lower longley now thats cold, took me about 15-20 minutes to get of the bike :wink:
  13. ^^^Hahaha that would have looked hilarious to any passer by! Hmmm, that guy sure loves his bike, maybe a bit too much :LOL:
  14. Aaarh. yer all soft... try living and riding in Ballarat!
    Right, JD? :LOL:
  15. -2 this mornig at 6:00 in Kyneton......

    real brass monkey weather... not to mention solid fog all the way to Melbourne...... and the car was nice and warm inside.

    Definately gonna have to think abour Heated grip when i get the bike though
  16. I ride in to work at 10pm and home again at 7am. a good set of thermals under the Joe Rocket cordura and a set of winter gloves. very comfy and still a ton of fun. I Just find the fog mist on the outside of the visor is annoying. Need to design a battlery operated visor wiper.
  17. the ice on the visor SUX. I also find myself sticking my fingers in under the fairings when stopped at the traffic lights just to get the feeling back, i think i should purchase some winter gloves
  18. Drove back from the V8's at Winton yesterday morning and it was lovely and sunny and starting to warm up but as soon as we hit Seymour we could see the fog bank and but it seemed to lift just ahead of us as we went further south until we got to Craigieburn and we actually hit the fog bank and when I got out of the car in Doncaster to drop something off I threw a jacket on as it was still freezing at 11:00am :shock:

    It's days like this, and wet rainy days, that I love the fact the building I work in in the CBD has a car park in it and it makes having to drive in & pay to park worth it when I look at the cold &/or drowned rats I work with :p
  19. Hey, did I ride in with you yesterday? What colour 600 you riding? I was on a black GSXR1000.
  20. You cuddle your bike?? How sweet...