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My god im a idiot...rounded bolt problem. HELP!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Booki, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone... I was attempting to take off the oil filter bolt under neath my bike (CBR250R 1989) and i accidently slipped and rounded the bolt.

    Now, me and dad had lots of attemps of trying to get it out. Tried using Locking Pliers no go. Attempted to hammer a smaller sized socket onto it. Also no go. Now the bolt is completley stuffed!

    How the hell do i get it off!?!
    I hope i dont have to replace the whole sump... :shock: !!

    Is there anyway i can get it off in the old home garage?
    Or should i just take it to a shop....but will they replace the whole sump, or is there some special way to remove rounded bolts....or in this case a completley screwed one.

    In my defence it should have never been THAT tight. Still urh...feel so stupid.

    Any help, advice, tips, insults would be helpful.

  2. Try heating it gently with a heat gun. If there is no grippable surfaces for a set of vice grips, try cutting across the top of the bolt head with a hacksaw to make it a flat head screw.

    Heat is usually less destructive than brute force.
  3. can you post up a pic?
  4. Bolt extraction kit from an auto parts store.
    Grind some flat sides and use an appropriate size spanner.
    weld a nut to the bolt head. Drill and tap the bolt head with a reverse thread. There are other ways though harder.
    Use some antisieze with what ever method you choose.
  5. You need a new sump plug anyway, I would bite the bullet and take it to the shop
  6. You need a special type of spanner for those rounded nuts , the one I have has a 3/4 end on it.


  7. Well i have got my grandad coming over tomorrow morning to drive me to a motorbike shop, there is a dealer down in epping. Yammy though, but they should be able to get it out...Just wondering how much they will charge and how much a new bloody oil filter bolt will be.

    Id take myself but my car does not have a toe bar :(
  8. You broke that too, didn't you...
  9. Just weld another bolt to it and wind it out, too easy.
  10. [​IMG]?
  11. Don't you EVER complain about any of my efforts after that!!!

    Cut a slot across its head with a hacksaw and use a large flat-blade screwdriver on it, like someone else said.....
  12. If access is reasonable (ie it's not deeply recessed or anything) and the bolt/plug still has a head, albeit a round one, I've had by far the best results using a big Stillson pipe wrench. Those buggers will not slip once they've bitten and will allow you to apply sufficient torque to remove or shear off pretty much anything.

    Vastly superior to vice-grips anywhere you can get the somewhat bulky head in. Used to be my tool of first resort when dealing with 70s Jap oil filter bolts that had been subjected to a year or two of UK road salt. :twisted: .
  13. do them bolt extractor kits work good??
    almost bought one the other day,but for $50 wanted to find out if they worked first...
  14. Ok guys, i just went and had another look. It looks bad... but i think its fixable.
    I think ill try a few things before dragging it into a mechanics.

    I was looking for a way to saw a small slit into it and use a flathead screw driver but i dont think i can because of the layer around it.
    Here is a photo to help what i mean. Its in a really awquard spot and i do not have a stand to balance the bike.
    Sorry about the poor quality it was taken with my phone.

  15. Do you know anyone with a welder? As someone else mentioned, welding another bolt onto it will allow you to unscrew it.
  16. File the rounded edges back to square or whatever, then use a ring spanner or socket to get it off. Or else go to supercrapauto and buy a cheap socket (one just smaller than the bolt head) and hammer it onto the bolt.

    And next time dont use an open ended spanner or shifter on bolt heads! :p
  17. That will work as long as he can fit the file with that lip there. The cheap socket idea is interesting, might have to try that one out for myself next time.

    Oh and great advice on using the right tools, I reckon we've all learnt that lesson before. :oops:
  18. Bloody Hondas why can't they have a simple screw on oil filter like every other manufacturer does.
  19. He means its the oil drain bolt. Honda got something right.. :)
  20. As said before, weld something to it. It will be easier if it is a steel plug, but do it before you have no bolt head to work with.