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My gloves stink :(

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Righty, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Hey hey, I have a question RE Leather gloves. I have some nice leather gloves, they are 80% cow hide and 20% goat skin. The problem is they are starting to get a bit on the nose due to the heat and my natural ability to excrete litres of fluid from my hands in a mater of minutes when riding :)

    Anyone got any tips on how to get rid of the smell? Can you wash leather? I figured it would ruin them if they went in the wash... They were 100+$ so I don't really feel like forking out the bucks for more, but I am thinking that there was probably a way to prevent them getting in that state in the first place and that perhaps recovering them isn't going to happen.

    Still, I can see if any wise heads here have a solution. Mainly I just want to know if they will make it out alive from a wash in warm/cold water..


    This is the type I have http://www.joerocket.com/products/productJR.cfm?products_id=473
  2. Go to a shoe shop and get the peppermint deodorant and give it a few sprays with that.

    Fix it up in no time
  3. or u can turn them inside out and dry them in the sun.
  4. Read the instuctions on the tag...mine have the washing instructions on the tag inside them. If there's no tag, I'm guessing you should be able to have them dry-cleaned, that's what you do with most other leather clothing!


  5. I just wash mine in the machine on a cold cycle then 'almost' dry them naturally, then liberally apply a 'leather food'. I have one pair of gloves that are about 15 years old and they have survived this treatment ok to date.
  6. Just stop putting your hands on dead stuff... :)
  7. It's more the glands than the hands the magistrate warned me about...
  8. Ok, then stop putting your hands on your glands... :p
  9. Get a friend to take a dump in your helmet - the experts say that "funky glove" smell will just fade away...
  10. You could take it further and take a dump in your own gloves, they say animals can't smell their own shit. :eek: :eek: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I use a talcum powder called 'Nilodour'.
    I think it's used for stinky feet. :LOL:
  12. Bugger me, I just thought this thread got axed after 5 mins of me posting it. Figured I got in trouble for posting in the wrong spot then just now (about a week later) I realise it's probably been moved. DUH!

    I'm sure the moment is gone but thanks for all the shitting in my glove tips etc :grin:

    They are leather outside and polyester inside so.. I thought about a foot oudour thing, but I feel like that sort of covers one smell with another, just like shit in my helmet :)

    It's impossible to turn them inside out. I used to spray some rexona in there, that didn't work to well either.

    Maybe it's time for some winter gloves, it's a tiny bit brisk here in bris in the morning.

    Thanks again
  13. What happens if you wash them in warm soapy water?
  14. i washed my gloves with detergent 4 times already.
    make sure that you hang it up side down to make sure the detergent is gone from the kevlar as dry kevlar + detergent = scratch hand. and dry them with dryer so they will loosen again.
  15. I haven't done anything about it yet. My main concern was that it would shrink the gloves. But as someone already pointed out, they are meant to deal with water, other wise, what the hell is the point of having gloves on a motor bike. he he.. I never thought of that.

    I'll stick em in the washing machine after the weekend ride and tell you what happens :)
  16. Go to the supermarket and get a bottle of canestan hygene laundry rinse - it's an antifungal,antibacterial - wask your gloves in the machine then renapur (or similar) them when they dry, to rejuvenate the leather.

    Did this to my winter gloves and and now do it to my thermal liners. Works a treat.
  17. Hey, I've had a similar problem for a while now. I have Dririder Highlander winter gloves, leather outside, kevlar lined inside, really think gloves. They have mildew in them and they reek! I've tried sticking them in the dryer to get rid of any moisture, I've sprayed them with all sorts of stuff. I can't turn them inside out. So just wondering how you went with this Righty?
  18. Try the Microwave, it seems to work wonders on my underpants.
  19. Let them air. For a considerable amount of time. Thats the best way to get rid of it. I've got a pair of winter gloves and a pair of normal gloves, I switch between them to get them nice and fresh.

    Thick gloves that make your hands sweat will always stink. Best foolproof way is to have multiple pairs that you can switch between to give them the air time required.